Traditional or Coworking: 5 Reasons Coworking Might be a Better Option for Your Startup

Reasons Coworking Might be a Better Option for Your Startup

Starting your own business can be a great way to make your entrepreneurial idea a reality. Lots of startups do not require working from an office so many budding entrepreneurs work from home. While this setup offers many perks, such as savings on business attire, coffee and lunch expenses, it can present awkward scenarios when the time comes to grow your team or meet with potential clients – with your roommate or family living their lives around your meetings. Plus, you can’t even get a Google business listing with your home address.

When it is time to take your startup to the next level, you will need a dedicated workspace. Your options: a traditional office space or a coworking space. For most startups, coworking spaces make sense for some really good reasons.

  1. Affordability
    While working from a coffee shop can be a lot cheaper with free Wi-Fi and the baristas who know your regular order, coworking spaces offer many options and plans to fit any budget. There’s also free coffee, super-fast Wi-Fi and many more amenities that come built-in to your membership.  Most importantly, you’ll have a fancy mailing address for your new business without spending the time and money you would need to rent an office space in a reputable neighborhood and outfit it with furniture, décor and all of the office equipment you need to run your business. Think about how much you’ll save on coffee and bottled water. No worries about cleaning and maintaining a rented office either as those services are included in coworking spaces.

    Additionally, Venture X Naples does not tie you into long-term leases; we rent monthly. This flexibility gives you the freedom to come and go as your business needs take shape.
  2. Scalable spaces
    As your startup evolves and your needs change, you might want a space for five employees to work on a project one month and a space large enough for 12 members of your team the next month. Our office spaces can easily scale up or down to meet your space needs from month to month. For tech startups that don’t necessarily need to work in the same location every day, we offer many different size spaces with varying degrees of privacy for intermittent meetings. Our community plan includes access to our community areas one day per month with additional day passes available for $25 per day.

    When it is time to present to your team or to pitch your business to investors, Venture X Naples’ conference rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual technology. Available at $40 per hour, our conference rooms are equipped with everything you need for successful business meetings.
  3. Services that can help you put it all together
    Coworking spaces cater to the needs of startups by offering a wide range of services to get you up and running. As your brainchild idea starts to take shape, there will be many day-to-day aspects of your business that you might not have considered. Your Venture X Naples membership gives you live and online access to our member directory. In our diverse community, you’re sure to find members who can help you with marketing, accounting, benefits, as well as setting up an online presence. In the bigger picture, Venture X Naples presents monthly events geared towards educational, social, cultural and entrepreneurial themes.
  4. Intrinsic Networking and Collaboration
    The very nature of coworking spaces lends itself to networking and collaboration. While many coworking spaces are dominated by young professionals and tech startups, Venture X Naples enjoys a truly diverse cross-section of the Naples community. From attorneys in private practice to fitness and healthcare professionals, investment startups, architects, freelance writers, photographers and web developers, our community is well-represented by many professions and industries.

    At Venture X Naples, a collaborative spirit helps like-minded professionals stay motivated and inspired to make great things happen. Synchronicity has a way of feeding the creative process to produce optimal results. New connections may lead to new business opportunities. For startups, the energetic, networking environment of coworking spaces can spark new ideas and help build your brand presence in the community.
  5. Face your challenges in a supportive environment
    Starting a business, especially your first one is not going to be the best day ever, every day. You will encounter hurdles you never even considered you’d have to deal with, times when you just want to scrap it all and obstacles that you just can’t figure out how to get around. But when you are surrounded by other business professionals grappling with the same or similar issues, you can share resources, point each other towards solutions and learn from other business owners that have tackled the same challenges when starting up their businesses. Venture X Naples encourages members to share their experiences to help each other succeed.

Coworking spaces, such as Venture X Naples are changing up ideas about office environments. For startups, coworking spaces bridge the space between working at home and moving into your own office, as your startup begins to grow into an established brand.

Contact Venture X Naples to learn how your startup can benefit from working in an environment that is geared towards your business’s success. In addition to the awesome immediate surroundings, the hospitality and the inspired network of business professionals, we are conveniently located in the heart of Naples. The Mercato neighborhood features many exciting dining, shopping and entertainment venues, just a short walk from the Venture X Naples facility. And if that’s just too much to process all at once, we’re just a five-minute bike ride from Naples’ white sandy beaches!

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Venture X to Showcase its Global Coworking Brand and Hospitality’s Fastest Growing Sector at Hunter Hotel Conference

LOCATION – Venture X® – the premium membership-based workspace and community for entrepreneurs and businesses, is elevating the co-working experience across the U.S. and around the world – now confirms it will formally premiere to hoteliers at the upcoming Hunter Hotel Conference, March 21-23, 2018 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. The hotel real estate and finance conference is attended by more than 1,500 hotel owners, investors, and industry professionals, and offers a unique opportunity to network with providers and suppliers to the hotel industry.

Venture X is a rapidly growing shared workspace concept that has been of increasing interest to hotel owners and operators, with several new locations  recently  purchased by hotel property owners. The Venture X brand provides unique synergy with the hospitality industry, with its boutique hotel inspired design, world class concierge level services, rich amenities, welcoming hospitality and brand loyalty. A place members love coming to work to every day. Venture X is included on Inc’s list of “Best Coworking Spaces.

With several Texas-based Venture X locations already open and another 30 new domestic locations expected to open this year across the U.S.,, the new hotelier partnerships offer even more growth possibilities .Hotel owners already have a familiarity with the concept of providing member-guests with inspired spaces, great experiences, and rich amenities, making this a natural concept to complement a hotel portfolio of investments.

“We are looking to open in all the major cities globally,” said Tom Weber, Venture X president. “Working alongside hotel owners and partners, we anticipate major growth in all areas.  This will be an added benefit to members who can use the services of any Venture X facility while traveling so they connect, be inspired, improve their businesses and experience fulfilled rich lives doing what they love,” said Weber.

Venture X attracts a diverse membership of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, freelancers, remote workers, startups, non-profits, small businesses to large teams from fortune 500 companies.

The Venture X franchise concept is part of the family of brands represented by United Franchise Group (UFG), an affiliated group of companies and brands.

About Venture X
Venture X is a shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming. We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day. For more information, visit

About United Franchise Group
“The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs.” United Franchise Group is a group of affiliated companies and brands. Led by CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group is home to a variety of internationally recognized brands including Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimac, Jon Smith Subs, Venture X, SuperGreen Solutions, Transworld Business Advisors and The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill.  . With over three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1400 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Venture X Teams up with SuperGreen Solutions® on Synergy of Services

Venture X Teams up with SuperGreen Solutions on Synergy of Services

West Palm Beach, FL—Feb. 12, 2018Venture X, a premium membership based workspace and community for entrepreneurs and businesses, is pleased to announce its teaming up with SuperGreen Solutions®, a leading provider and promoter of Green sustainability programs that help businesses lower costs and increase revenues. In this new relationship, Venture X locations will serve as premium shared workspace to SuperGreen Solutions (SGS) franchise owners, and SGS franchise owners will have the opportunity to work with Venture X franchise owners on green solutions for its Venture X workspaces, including Green sustainability programs such as sustainability certifications. This synergy benefits both brands, along with the companies and clients each franchise serves.

Venture X President Tom Weber states, “We want to give each of our franchisees—and their landlords—the ability to become a certified sustainable business through SGS’s global Green Compass sustainability program, inclusive of the ability to promote their sustainability certification to their prospects, customers, tenants, vendors, community and local government. As a result, the Venture X franchisee and landlord will benefit from lower operating costs, improved operational efficiencies, improved employee morale, differentiation from the competition, and a unique market leadership position. We’re excited about this symbiotic partnership.”

“This will help each Venture X franchisee on both the expense and revenue sides of their P&L, as they will be lowering their costs while providing a more appealing workspace for their clients,” said David Goodman, President of SGS. “SuperGreen Solutions franchisees spend their days helping other businesses become sustainable, and prefer to have an office in a similar environment. Through this partnership with Venture X, we can help create a working environment that is not only good for the Venture X franchisee and their landlord, but for all the building’s tenants, which can include the SGS franchise owner. Further, this provides the SGS franchisee with a showcase environment, to show prospective clients the benefits of becoming a certified sustainable business, while concurrently improving and equipping Venture X spaces. It’s a smart, intuitive blending of each company’s products and services.”

The unique SuperGreen Solutions Green Compass Sustainability Award certification process delivers reduced costs, improved operational performance, improved employee morale and differentiation from competition, leading to revenue enhancement and market leadership to clients around the world.

“Venture X has as a core belief sustainability and green solutions and began in 2012 with a purpose and 10 core values”, says David Diamond Co-Founder Venture X. “Core value # 6 states we believe this is a majestic and beautiful planet that we all share as our home and we want to keep it that way. We recycle, use reclaimed materials, and incorporate sustainability into our design.”

Venture X focuses on designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day. Their mission is to help people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling and rich life in doing what they love. Venture X has a vision to be available in every major city globally where members can connect, be inspired, improve their businesses or careers and experience fulfilling rich lives.

Both companies are supported in their franchise development by United Franchise Group (UFG), a franchisor with more than 31 years’ experience, serving nine brands in more than 80 countries worldwide.


Venture X is a shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming. We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day. The Venture X franchise concept is part of the family of brands represented by United Franchise Group. For more information, visit and

About SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions leads the green industry as the premier local business partner for driving revenue and lowering costs through green initiatives. SuperGreen Solutions offers a comprehensive sustainability certification by assessing, leading, implementing, procuring and installing all materials and operational updates needed for the green certification. SuperGreen Solutions provides a public relations toolkit to the business to promote their newly certified GREEN status locally.

Business Partnership for Gender Inclusivity

Co-founder of Venture X, David Diamond, partners with John DeAngelis at DeAngelis Construction to have a workforce comprised of 36% women and raise this by 10% in 2018.

Today marks the 108th celebration of International Women’s Day, first celebrated at the 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference. From 1910 until now, gender inclusivity primarily in the workforce has come a long way. Still, the balance between the number of female and males in certain positions still have an uneven distribution, primarily in upper management roles and within the construction industry.

This trend was also identified by DeAngelis Construction. The company was co-founded by David Diamond, who is also the co-founder of Venture X. Diamond was recently featured on the cover of Gulfshore Business and D’Latinos for receiving a 2018 Face Award, nominated for celebrating diversity in the Southwest Florida market.

David’s mission statement in business is to “Develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone we meet, and we really want that to mean everyone – regardless of where they’re from.” The same inclusivity is echoed within the growing Venture X community focusing on collaboration between all members, no matter their background, origin or gender.

David and business partner, John DeAngelis, have active plans to establish a female project manager intern and mentorship program at DeAngelis Diamond. The program is open to everyone with a large focus on mentoring women within the community. The goal of this program is to bring more women to the team to reduce the divide between genders in the construction industry and management roles within the company. Diamond’s goal is to raise the number of women employed by the company up 10 percent.

Venture X has a positive outlook for the continued partnership between business partners and companies as well. Venture X is opening new US locations in Colorado, Florida Indiana, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and in countries around the world. Each new Venture X location will also promote the message of inclusion for all, working together in a collaborative space.
With these recent shifts in perception and resources provided by companies like DeAngelis Construction and Venture X aspiring leaders, executives and entrepreneurs have the ability to grow their career and business without worrying about workplace bias that was at one time a stark reality.

Venture X is a shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming. We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day. For more information, visit

Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda

Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda

Coworking spaces are all the rage and since 2007 have definitely come of age. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2007, “only 14 documented coworking spaces existed in the United States.” With the more than 11,000 spaces currently in the US, and more than 26,000 spaces projected to host 3.8 million people by 2020, we think they are on to something. Driving this trend, millennials entering the workplace seem to be bucking the system every way they can, renting instead of owning homes, and preferring city living to sprawling out in the suburbs, as well as impacting traditional work environments. Starting their own companies rather than climbing the corporate ladder, this emerging workforce resonates with joining coworking spaces for the versatile atmosphere and the value added collaboratory spirit these shared spaces offer.

At Venture X Naples, we welcome people from all industries from startups to established brands, from tech companies to fitness and healthcare groups, to lawyers and freelance writers – anyone who is drawn to our entrepreneurial vibe. This month, at Venture X Naples, our member spotlight shines on someone who’s in the right place for his line of work.

Anil Nimmagadda, private investor

Starting out as a software engineer in 2013, Nimmagadda discovered that his interest, well, maybe more than a casual interest, his passion, in fact, was fueled by the world of investing. Specifically, he realized that Value Investing was where he wanted to go. You may know Value Investing from Berkshire Hathaway’s chairperson, Warren Buffett, not a bad role model.

Value Investing involves buying stocks/shares of valuable companies at a discount price and holding onto them for a long time. Nimmagadda says that after further exploration and experimentation, “I figured out that within the domain of Value Investing the specific execution style that suits my personality is that of a ‘focus portfolio’ with long holding periods.”  Nimmagadda explained further that in a focused portfolio, investors buy concentrated positions in 3 to 5 companies and hold them for “long periods.”

Nimmagadda makes it happen in 2017

Self-taught, Nimmagadda then began reading in his spare time what turned out to be somewhere around 200 books on the subject of investing and finance in order to make the transition from software engineer to a private investor.  Early in 2017, for a couple of reasons he didn’t go into, Nimmagadda opened the doors to his new career, working for himself, full time as a private investor.

It’s not a job if you love what you’re doing

When we asked Nimmagadda about the most rewarding aspect of his job, he told us at the risk of sounding “folksy or indulging in clichés,” that so far, his profession didn’t feel like a job, that it had not degraded to that level yet. “When that happens, it’s time to switch,” Nimmagadda added, “I have that much fun doing what I do.”

Patience is definitely a virtue

In Nimmagadda’s first year as a private investor, he discovered that while many people who have money to invest, as well as other investors he’s come across, very few share his philosophy regarding holding on to investments for longer periods and “giving the ideas time to grow the wealth. You just have to be patient,” Nimmagadda said. Think Warren Buffett.

When asked for a business tip Nimmagadda would like to share with others, “It’s better to be an independent thinker and go with your gut and be wrong,” he said, “than to be superficial or engage in an activity that doesn’t leverage your skills and potential and be successful.”


On his journey to his goal as a private investor, Nimmagadda, as we know, devoured a good many books. His greatest inspiration? Theodore Dreiser’s 1914 tome, The Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow, the sequel to The Financier, The Titan chronicles John D. Rockefeller’s life and is the second book in Dreiser’s Trilogy of Desire series. In his spare time, Nimmagadda reads books ranging from chess to farming and enjoys watching movies and film biographies.

Fun fact about our self-made private investor

Nimmagadda shared that he tried tandem skydiving once. This guy loves a challenge. Comforted, “but not that much :-),” by the fact that his instructor had 10,000 jumps under his belt, Nimmagadda said, “It was exhilarating and scary as hell. The parachute was definitely better than the free fall!!”

Venture X Naples: Staff is great, location is awesome

As a Venture X Naples member since early 2015, “It’s been great,” Nimmagadda said. “The staff here is an asset. The location is awesome.” Nimmagadda enjoys the “Naples Vibe” and his daily walks in Mercato. Located near many popular dining, shopping and entertainment venues, Mercato is the heart of Naples and convenient for Venture X Naples members, when a break is in order. Mercato’s features places to impress new clients and eateries to host a working lunch or celebratory dinner.

Excellent cross networking and exposure to new ideas

Venture X Naples’ biggest advantage for Nimmagadda centers around, “the excellent cross networking and exposure to ideas and opportunities that Venture X presents. When Nimmagadda needed a website, he found the right person here at Venture X. A startup working out of Venture X Naples presented an interesting investment opportunity for Nimmagadda, as well. Evaluating a small business, with the intention to buy it for free cash flow, Nimmagadda found a knowledgeable team working in that domain at Venture X. “They gave me actionable insights into the inner workings of businesses in that domain,” Nimmagadda shared, “I even came across a good private equity opportunity right here and I am pursuing it.”

Venture X Naples might be just the motivating environment you need to get your business or startup off the ground without the expense of renting an office space, with long lease commitments. You can’t beat working around like-minded professionals, in a well-appointed, comfortable and accommodating environment that naturally fosters collaboration with networking benefits.

Contact Venture X Naples today and join our new business environment community.