VentureX Featured in Mississauga News

VentureX Canada was recently featured in the Mississauga News, the article showcases the launch of the first VentureX co-working space in Canada.

“Mississauga’s buzzing entrepreneurial community has prompted a North American company to open a brand new office space in the city’s downtown core for people of all industries and occupational backgrounds.

Venture X will officially open the new three-level, 6,000-square-foot space on Friday, April 28, located near Square One Shopping Centre, on Village Centre Court.

“We are very excited to be bringing Venture X to a city like Mississauga,” said Venture X Canada Director of Operations Anas Saltaji. “We see a lot of potential in this city. It is a vibrant, metropolitan area with a diverse community of people and entrepreneurs that we cannot wait to welcome into Venture X.”

Saltaji said his team identified a particular need for this type of space in the city.”

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VentureX Featured in Palm Beach Post

Ray Titus (left), CEO of United Franchise Group, and Thomas Weber, President of VentureX, pose at United Franchise Groups’ offices in West Palm Beach. Venture X opened its first space in Naples and is planning to add more in Miami and several other cities. 

United Franchise Group (UFG) joins the workspace market with Venture X. The idea behind Venture X is to promote co-working by creating a place where an entrepreneur without an existing office can come work and share ideas or a cup of coffee with other entrepreneurs for as little as $99/month. The first location in Naples, FL has led to others in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York and San Antonio which is already up and running. Ray Titus, CEO of UFG, and Thomas Weber, President of Venture X, are excited about the future of Venture X. The idea is to give the “working from home” entrepreneur and freelancer a professional workspace that is inspiring and can be used for client and vendor meetings.

WEST PALM BEACH — With flexible office space all the rage in big cities, West Palm Beach-based United Franchise Group hopes to capitalize on the latest trend in commercial real estate.

United Franchise Group’s new concept has a trendy name — Venture X — and a marketing pitch based on providing entrepreneurs with workspace for as little as $99 a month and without long leases.
Venture X opened its first office space in Naples and is working to add locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York and San Antonio, said Ray Titus, chief executive of United Franchise Group.

Venture X is aiming squarely at entrepreneurs and freelancers who are a bit too prosperous to keep toiling on the couch or the local coffee shop.

“Working from home and Starbucks works for a certain amount of time,” Titus said. “But once you build the business up, you outgrow that. When you’ve got machinery in your living room, or inventory in your den, or vendors coming to tour your facilities, it becomes an issue.”

The concept of business suites is nothing new. In fact, Titus said, United Franchise Group rents space in Las Vegas from Regus Business Centers, a long-established provider of office suites. Servcorp is another longtime player.

And the co-working concept created by WeWork has become a venture capital hit, achieving a valuation of billions based on its model of ping-pong tables and afternoon happy hours.

Meanwhile, new ventures such as PivotDesk and Liquid Space operate a model similar to Airbnb, allowing landlords to offload empty space.

“It’s a hot market with a lot of competitors, but that’s something we’re used to,” Titus said.

He positions Venture X as a concept somewhere between Regus Business Centers’ relatively staid approach and WeWork’s hipster vibe. Tenants can interact with each other and use their memberships at Venture X locations in other cities.

“It’s really a comfortable business atmosphere,” Titus said. “There’s some fun, but we’re not promoting ourselves as this just-for-startups type of scenario.”

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VentureX Featured in

United Franchise Group, which already includes multiple award-winning franchise concepts including Signarama, Fully Promoted (formerly known as EmbroidMe) and SuperGreen Solutions, has added yet another concept to its lineup of brands: Venture X, a premier provider of membership-based, flexible workspace featuring modern design and boutique, concierge-style services appealing to a wide range of professionals within an inspiring, diverse and collaborative “community” atmosphere.

The way people work is changing at lightning-speed and Venture X is catering to the needs of that market. By 2020, estimates predict fully 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of entrepreneurs, independent contractors and others seeking a workplace environment that removes them from the distractions of home or traditional offices while providing a rich environment of like-minded people where they can network and make valuable work and social connections.

“Venture X is far more than just a place to work”, said Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group. “It’s a local community that is inspiring, diverse and collaborative. Members not only have a sense of belonging, but can also obtain customers through their association at the location. That’s why it’s a perfect fit for United Franchise Group-we are the global leader for entrepreneurs but at our core we believe in personal relationships, face to face meetings and building communities. Venture X is the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.”

Venture X President Tom Weber has a long and successful background in commercial real estate banking, as well as in owning and managing large office/retail buildings that included “executive suite” facilities. “Venture X has taken this concept to a new level with its ‘co-working’ environment,” Weber said. “This is clearly the wave of the future.”

The flagship Venture X location is in Naples, Fla., with numerous franchises sold throughout the country and the first expected to open in San Antonio, Texas. The brand’s first global unit in Canada is also expected to open soon. Venture X projects opening more than 40 domestic and three international locations in 2017.

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Entrepreneurial Spotlight: San Antonio, TX

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When it comes to starting a business, location can affect everything – the talent you recruit, the type of clients you attract, and how well your product sells. San Antonio may not be known across the country as a hub for entrepreneurship, but this community has quickly become a great location for any business to blossom.

Centrally Located in the Heart of Texas
San Antonio’s location makes it easy to access other major cities in central and southern Texas. Whether your business requires easy access to the airport or a bustling community to network in, San Antonio has it all.

San Antonio Values Community Over Competition
Attending a business networking event in San Antonio means one thing and one thing only: new friendships. Whether you’re a photographer, chef, community blogger, or stylist, the community welcomes other businesses and aims to create an environment that fosters collaboration over competition. Venture X is all about collaboration too.

It’s Affordable to Live & Start a Business in San Antonio
Many people would love to start a business in fast-paced cities like New York and San Francisco but without a large amount of money set aside, those goals are hard to obtain. The cost of living alone will set you back, leaving less money available to grow your business. San Antonio’s median housing costs are on par with the national average but without sacrificing the amenities loved in larger cities.

Our downtown community is rich in history, nightlife, and new dining opportunities. Whether you’re hosting clients from out of town or looking to network, San Antonio offers something for everyone.

San Antonio Ranks #10 on Best Cities to Open a Business
According to CNBC, San Antonio is the 10th best city in the nation for entrepreneurs. A well-educated workforce, reasonable taxes, and a diverse community contributed to naming San Antonio in the top 10 with room to move even higher up.

CNBC also mentions that the local community will likely continue to flourish as more people move to the area thanks to a low cost of living and good quality of life. As more families relocate to the area, San Antonio should expect an increase in business offering an even more diverse workforce.

San Antonio is a great city to grow your business in. The rich history and friendly atmosphere offers the perfect backdrop for any entrepreneur and Venture X knows you would love to work here too.

How to Make the Most of a Virtual Office

There are many benefits to working in a virtual office setting. This flexible office solution allows entrepreneurs and freelance professionals a way to remain productive and efficient without the typical costs associated with traditional office space. The key to remaining effective in your virtual office setting is staying organized, remaining connected, and making use of the provided amenities.

Get organized.

The first step to making the most of your virtual office space is organizing your resources. Here are some questions that you will need to consider as you create a plan for the ultimate virtual office:

  • Where will you be completing work? If you are working at home then you may need to acquire certain resources such as a printer, copier, P.O. box, and other necessary office equipment. If you are utilizing a virtual office solution, then many of these things will already be taken care of.
  • Where will you store your important documents and invoices? Virtual offices require virtual storage. Resources like Google Drive will become vital tools for making sure that all of your important information is saved.
  • How will you manage projects? This is especially important if you are working with other team members to complete projects. You will need to find a way to effectively communicate, track progress, and share information in real time.

Stay Connected.

It is important that you stay connected while you are making use of your virtual office space. This is the best way to ensure effective communication between yourself and other team members and to avoid making clients feel like they have been neglected. A great way to keep in touch with others is by using technology such as Skype to conduct virtual business meetings or conferences. This allows you to keep operations running smoothly and expand your reach by conducting business without traveling.

Use the Amenities You Need.

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual office space is that most virtual office solutions provide you with valuable amenities as part of your package. These amenities include things like access to a conference room, a local mailing address, access to copying or printing, and the ability to utilize receptionist services. These amenities are all included as part of your monthly fee, allowing you utilize these important services without the expenses associated with a traditional office space.

Finding a Virtual Office Space in Southwest Florida

Are you missing out on all the benefits of a virtual office space? Venture X provides virtual office space in Naples, FL with a variety of amenities such as high tech meeting rooms, reception services, and your very own Southwest Florida business mailing address. Our flexible office packages give you multiple options so that you are only paying for what you need to use.

We would love to help you make the most of your virtual office space. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from a Venture X virtual office in Naples, FL.