Venture X Partners with SuperGreen Solutions® on Synergy of Services

Venture X Partners with SuperGreen Solutions

Venture X, a provider of flexible, modern office space for individuals and businesses, is pleased to announce its new partnership with SuperGreen Solutions®, a leading provider and promoter of Green sustainability programs that help businesses lower costs and increase revenues. In this new relationship, Venture X locations will serve as an ideal shared office space to SuperGreen Solutions (SGS) franchise owners, and SGS franchise owners will have the opportunity to work with Venture X franchise owners on construction and improvements of Venture X workspaces, including Green sustainability programs such as sustainability certifications. This synergy benefits both brands, along with the companies and clients each franchise serves.

Venture X President Tom Weber states, “We want to give each of our franchisees—and their landlords—the ability to become a certified sustainable business through SGS’s global Green Compass sustainability program, inclusive of the ability to promote their sustainability certification to their prospects, customers, tenants, vendors, community and local government. As a result, the Venture X franchisee and landlord will benefit from lower operating costs, improved operational efficiencies, improved employee morale, differentiation from the competition, and a unique market leadership position. We’re excited about this symbiotic partnership.”

“This will help each Venture X franchisee on both the expense and revenue sides of their P&L, as they will be lowering their costs while providing a more appealing workspace for their clients,” said David Goodman, President of SGS. “SuperGreen Solutions franchisees spend their days helping other businesses become sustainable, and prefer to have an office in a similar environment. Through this partnership with Venture X, we can help create a working environment that is not only good for the Venture X franchisee and their landlord, but for all the building’s tenants, which can include the SGS franchise owner. Further, this provides the SGS franchisee with a showcase environment, to show prospective clients the benefits of becoming a certified sustainable business, while concurrently improving and equipping Venture X spaces. It’s a smart, intuitive blending of each company’s products and services.”

The unique SuperGreen Solutions Green Compass Sustainability Award certification process delivers reduced costs, improved operational performance, improved employee morale and differentiation from competition, leading to revenue enhancement and market leadership to clients around the world.

Venture X focuses on designing welcoming and aesthetically enjoyable office spaces available in flexible and affordable membership plans. Ideal for individuals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, each Venture X location features modern, professional coworking spaces with a full complement of professional services, including modern office equipment, high-speed Internet, 24/7 access, lounge and reception common areas, office kitchens, and dedicated community managers who provide personalized, boutique-hotel style service.

Both companies are part of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of companies. UFG is the parent company to nine unique, worldwide, franchise brands.

To learn more about Venture X, schedule a visit to one of their flexible, modern coworking spaces today. Franchising opportunities are also available for Venture X.

SuperGreen Solutions is available to partner with your business today, find a location near you. If you’re interested, SuperGreen Solutions franchising opportunities are also available.

Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda

Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda

Coworking spaces are all the rage and since 2007 have definitely come of age. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2007, “only 14 documented coworking spaces existed in the United States.” With the more than 11,000 spaces currently in the US, and more than 26,000 spaces projected to host 3.8 million people by 2020, we think they are on to something. Driving this trend, millennials entering the workplace seem to be bucking the system every way they can, renting instead of owning homes, and preferring city living to sprawling out in the suburbs, as well as impacting traditional work environments. Starting their own companies rather than climbing the corporate ladder, this emerging workforce resonates with joining coworking spaces for the versatile atmosphere and the value added collaboratory spirit these shared spaces offer.

At Venture X Naples, we welcome people from all industries from startups to established brands, from tech companies to fitness and healthcare groups, to lawyers and freelance writers – anyone who is drawn to our entrepreneurial vibe. This month, at Venture X Naples, our member spotlight shines on someone who’s in the right place for his line of work.

Anil Nimmagadda, private investor

Starting out as a software engineer in 2013, Nimmagadda discovered that his interest, well, maybe more than a casual interest, his passion, in fact, was fueled by the world of investing. Specifically, he realized that Value Investing was where he wanted to go. You may know Value Investing from Berkshire Hathaway’s chairperson, Warren Buffett, not a bad role model.

Value Investing involves buying stocks/shares of valuable companies at a discount price and holding onto them for a long time. Nimmagadda says that after further exploration and experimentation, “I figured out that within the domain of Value Investing the specific execution style that suits my personality is that of a ‘focus portfolio’ with long holding periods.”  Nimmagadda explained further that in a focused portfolio, investors buy concentrated positions in 3 to 5 companies and hold them for “long periods.”

Nimmagadda makes it happen in 2017

Self-taught, Nimmagadda then began reading in his spare time what turned out to be somewhere around 200 books on the subject of investing and finance in order to make the transition from software engineer to a private investor.  Early in 2017, for a couple of reasons he didn’t go into, Nimmagadda opened the doors to his new career, working for himself, full time as a private investor.

It’s not a job if you love what you’re doing

When we asked Nimmagadda about the most rewarding aspect of his job, he told us at the risk of sounding “folksy or indulging in clichés,” that so far, his profession didn’t feel like a job, that it had not degraded to that level yet. “When that happens, it’s time to switch,” Nimmagadda added, “I have that much fun doing what I do.”

Patience is definitely a virtue

In Nimmagadda’s first year as a private investor, he discovered that while many people who have money to invest, as well as other investors he’s come across, very few share his philosophy regarding holding on to investments for longer periods and “giving the ideas time to grow the wealth. You just have to be patient,” Nimmagadda said. Think Warren Buffett.

When asked for a business tip Nimmagadda would like to share with others, “It’s better to be an independent thinker and go with your gut and be wrong,” he said, “than to be superficial or engage in an activity that doesn’t leverage your skills and potential and be successful.”


On his journey to his goal as a private investor, Nimmagadda, as we know, devoured a good many books. His greatest inspiration? Theodore Dreiser’s 1914 tome, The Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow, the sequel to The Financier, The Titan chronicles John D. Rockefeller’s life and is the second book in Dreiser’s Trilogy of Desire series. In his spare time, Nimmagadda reads books ranging from chess to farming and enjoys watching movies and film biographies.

Fun fact about our self-made private investor

Nimmagadda shared that he tried tandem skydiving once. This guy loves a challenge. Comforted, “but not that much :-),” by the fact that his instructor had 10,000 jumps under his belt, Nimmagadda said, “It was exhilarating and scary as hell. The parachute was definitely better than the free fall!!”

Venture X Naples: Staff is great, location is awesome

As a Venture X Naples member since early 2015, “It’s been great,” Nimmagadda said. “The staff here is an asset. The location is awesome.” Nimmagadda enjoys the “Naples Vibe” and his daily walks in Mercato. Located near many popular dining, shopping and entertainment venues, Mercato is the heart of Naples and convenient for Venture X Naples members, when a break is in order. Mercato’s features places to impress new clients and eateries to host a working lunch or celebratory dinner.

Excellent cross networking and exposure to new ideas

Venture X Naples’ biggest advantage for Nimmagadda centers around, “the excellent cross networking and exposure to ideas and opportunities that Venture X presents. When Nimmagadda needed a website, he found the right person here at Venture X. A startup working out of Venture X Naples presented an interesting investment opportunity for Nimmagadda, as well. Evaluating a small business, with the intention to buy it for free cash flow, Nimmagadda found a knowledgeable team working in that domain at Venture X. “They gave me actionable insights into the inner workings of businesses in that domain,” Nimmagadda shared, “I even came across a good private equity opportunity right here and I am pursuing it.”

Venture X Naples might be just the motivating environment you need to get your business or startup off the ground without the expense of renting an office space, with long lease commitments. You can’t beat working around like-minded professionals, in a well-appointed, comfortable and accommodating environment that naturally fosters collaboration with networking benefits.

Contact Venture X Naples today and join our new business environment community.

Journalists: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Journalists, bloggers, content writers, TED talkers and anyone else who writes knows the mind-numbing, wall-climbing, pencil snapping effects of inspiration’s evil twin: writer’s block. You’ve got to get it together, as the clock ticks down to your deadline and . . . nothing’s happening to pull your project together.  Inspiration has long left the building and there you are – stuck.  Some people think powering through a creative block is the way to go, while others seek different perspectives, talking it out and some just find taking a break gets their creative juices flowing again. To some, taking a break can look a lot like procrastination when looking at the strategies of 20 company founders at, we can’t help but notice each of these success stories has their own little tricks to break through writer’s block and get back to tickling their creative fancies.

Powering Through

Silicon Valley executive and best-selling author, Randi Zuckerberg claims that “the only way out is through,” believing that creativity and writing are like exercising. Zuckerberg advocates sitting down and writing at the same time every day, “even if what I write is nonsense.” Writing four to six hours a day, she finished her business book in less than a month.

Following along the same lines, web development platform GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath just starts writing. When he’s not feeling the spark, Wanstrath suggests just putting the proverbial pen to the paper. Just write something. Anything, what you did in your day, for example. “Get your brain firing on those cylinders,” Wanstrath told “Or if you are writing code, just write something stupid to get started.”

Rally the troops – Talk it out

Sometimes it helps to brainstorm with other people. “Talking it out with my team,” works for Eventbrite’s Julie Hartz. Believing that if you hire great talent, you can count on your “greatest asset, and strongest resource” to solve your issue or come up with creative ideas.

In the world of “teas crafted for cocktails” when Owl’s Brew co-founder, Jenny Ripps struggles with a creative block, she likes to talk it out with her business partner, Marie Littlefield. As the two think differently, Ripps finds that Littlefield brings other perspectives to light and “the conversation gets me out of my own head,” Ripps said.

Connecting with different perspectives

Aaron Levie of cloud content platform, Box, plugs into a little classical music or Bob Dylan and a clean slate by way of a whiteboard or notepad to break through creative blocks. Brainstorming like a maniac, Levie gets his creative juices flowing by writing down every possible solution that he can think of, listing his ideas until he’s exhausted, or until he thinks he’s “to the point where I think I have the answer.”

Fashion blog company, RewardStyle’s Amber Venz goes to other people’s work to find creative inspiration. “Reading, Instagram, Pinterest, podcasts, TED talks,” she says, “I’m always finding something that resonates with me. DogVacay’s Aaron Hirschorn talks his way out of blocks. He recommends getting out of the office and hearing other perspectives. Hirschorn finds the answer to his creative blocks by talking to other CEOS, “about similar transformations in their company,” he said, “how they weighted the various options and decisions often helps me.”

“I expose myself to new ideas by reading and talking to people,” says Oliver Kharraz of ZocDoc, a healthcare professional directory. Besides reading history, religion, economics, and science-fiction to get through writer’s block, Kharraz talks to other people in other fields.

Go outdoors—Get physical

Wedding company Zola’s founder Shan-Lyn Ma suggests embracing the familiar for inspiration. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Ma finds herself wanting to walk near water when staring down a difficult problem with a creative solution. Delivery on-demand  company, Postmate’s founder, Bastian Lehmann gets out of the office, saying, “Do something you love, go outside, walk around.” Food 52’s, Merrill Stubbs believes in walking, swimming, and other physical exercise.  Stubbs thinks it’s important to pay attention to your body and slow down your mind. “If I can get moving, the food and recipe sharing site founder said, “it frees up my head and makes some space.”

Nationwide floral company, BloomThat’s founder, David Bladow also thinks movement is the key to breaking through writer’s block. Bladow walks, filling up notebooks with ideas. “All it takes is a fragment of an idea to get your brain going again.” Brit+ Co’s founder, Brit Morin relies on what she calls inspiration research to help her come up with ideas. Sometimes I go outdoors into nature, and sometimes I’ll just go shopping to see if I can spot products that spark an idea.”

Sparking an idea is what Melissa Ben-Ishay does when she steps away from Baked by Melissa, her NYC cupcake company. Going out to dinner, Ishay may get inspiration from “flavors that inspire me to think differently about my dessert flavors.”

Fitness company, Pure Barre’s founder, Carrie Dorr also believes in getting outside to insulate herself against creative blocks.  Dorr gets outside, with headphones on and heads for “a trail or mountain nearby.”

Changing it up

BaubleBar’s Daniella Yacobovsky clears her head by changing locations.  The NYC jewelry company founder “thinks the key is giving yourself space to think.” She says when we get stuck sitting and focusing on a problem, we get tunnel vision making it hard to “think big picture.”

Tim Chen supports the idea of stopping and reading a book. NerdWallet’s founder taps into another part of his brain that helps him think about his problem. Then there’s payroll resource company, Gusto’s founder Josh Reeves who suggests a change of scene to entrepreneurs, trying to come up with innovative ideas.  In lieu of locking themselves in a room, he encourages them to be around your potential customer, see something different and get enough sleep. “We need something different to drive creativity.”

Like Josh Reeves, Dave Rusenko thinks it helpful to change his physical location.

Weebly’s founder says it might just be a different spot in his office that helps him “get some thinking done.” San-Fransisco mattress company, Casper’s Jeff Chapin doesn’t think sitting at a desk is conducive to creativity. Chapin believes you have to create the right environment to get through blocks.

Venture X Naples’ space, a place where boutique hotel meets contemporary office space, with design in mind, our professional and welcoming facility features many different types of spaces to help you through writer’s block – no matter how you approach it. We offer a variety of work space options from shared desks to private offices, where you can power through your writer’s block. Dedicated desks at Venture X Naples provide the privacy you need when you want to talk through your creative block and work on projects in a semi-private environment. With common areas and a café, your team can brainstorm and take breaks when needed. One of the most exciting elements that makes Venture X Naples a popular place to work revolves around the collaborative community atmosphere; you can walk out of your private office and talk to professionals from different industries that may lead to a new perspective or idea to help inspire you. Located in the happening and fashionable heart of Naples, Venture X Naples is just a few minutes away from fun, unique and exciting dining and shopping venues and five minutes from Naples popular beaches. Our upscale loft facility also features an outdoor patio for a change of scenery to catch a whiff of an idea. For further inspiration, we feature weekly events that focus on social, educational and entrepreneurial themes.

At Venture X Naples, our shared office work environment functionas an active hub for like-minded professionals. You can find inspiration and collaboration among peers and from unexpected scenarios you never thought to try. Join us at Venture X Naples: the organic remedy for writer’s block.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level: How to Pick the Right Coworking Space

How to Pick the Right Coworking Space

When you are starting up a business as a single entrepreneur, you can work from home easily enough and for a while that works but after a time, you could stand a little change of scenery and perhaps, a little camaraderie in your work environment.  The growing trend in nontraditional spaces and coworking facilities offers professional upscale work areas where inspiration, consultation and collaboration intrinsically collide in a community of business professionals and entrepreneurs. With a variety of private office and shared desk spaces for rent, options abound for a wide spectrum of innovative office configurations.

Coworking spaces have evolved from café and coffee shop meetups

While coworking spaces have been around for more than 10 years, more startups are using them today, along with freelance writers, designers and independent companies. Coworking spaces are popular with tech startups as tech companies don’t need everyone to report to a physical office every day, but do need to meet up from time to time.  For for tech startups and other kinds of businesses, many coworking spaces, like ours, are equipped with meeting and board rooms with multi-media presentation capabilities.

Upscale, open spaces provide environments that inspire and motivate

Most coworking spaces are designed with open-plan layouts where like-minded business professionals can inspire and motivate each other. Geared towards community, in coworking spaces problems find solutions, hurdles are overcome and members benefit from the shared knowledge that fosters a mindset towards achieving project goals. Coworking spaces embody a sense of a larger, connected entrepreneurial network where collaboration launches new businesses.

Taking breaks is essential to the coworking scene

Forget about the break room, most coworking spaces offer many amenities including free coffee and full-service cafes, plus patios or decks, so members can get some fresh air and catch a few rays, during a hectic day. Some spaces feature fully equipped kitchen areas for member use and catered food staging for networking events.

Networking is natural at coworking spaces

In the networking spirit of coworking spaces, many of these versatile spaces sponsor business seminars and social events for members. You can host your own event to test and promote products and ideas for future projects or attend a business seminar hosted by other members. Mingling with passionate individuals in a social setting can lead to contacting those people for support services as your business grows. You may also find new clients for your business and find new businesses that interest you as a consumer, or perhaps as a partner.

Lower overheads and no long-term contracts

One of the most popular and practical attractions to coworking spaces has to be the savings for startups in office space rentals and maintenance overheads. Many startups can’t afford office rentals in upscale neighborhoods. Location plays a huge part in perception and doing business from a sketchy neighborhood can send up red flags to your customer base. Coworking spaces offer members a professional mailing address with some membership plans. Setting up shop with your team in a coworking space provides a safe business environment where you can meet with clients in a chic and stylish place, in a safe, respected neighborhood. And it gets better. Most coworking spaces offer month-to-month membership plans, so as your business expands, you can adjust your membership needs to a larger, shared space, rent a private office space within a coworking space or move out altogether into your own office space.

Choosing a coworking space depends on what you want

With many more coworking spaces popping up all over, you can choose which space works best for you. Things to think about when choosing that perfect coworking space depend on several factors:

Consider your goals

Starting with the goals of your business, think about what sort of space will be most conducive to productivity. If you need a space to meet with your team and kick around some new ideas, you might choose a coworking space with meeting rooms. At Venture X Naples, your team can get inspired in our contemporary industrial loft meets boutique hotel facility. Featuring well-appointed virtual and private office spaces with ultra-fast Internet, our meeting rooms are well-equipped for multi-media presentations and collaborations. Planning to expand your team? Our meeting rooms are perfect for gathering your new team, getting focused and headed for success.

What’s important to your business?

Choosing a coworking space in Naples that attracts other startups and professionals that compliment your company’s networking initiatives can help keep individuals and teams on track. Tech startups stand to benefit from other tech startups, legal professionals, marketing companies and others, while fitness startups may gain momentum from freelance photographers and writers, as well as networking with tech-savvy pros that can help with online implementation and e-commerce integration services for up and coming fitness enterprises. At Venture X Naples, our diverse clientele of professionals and variety of shared desk and office spaces provide an inviting atmosphere to communicate with others and flex your business muscles.

Location matters

In choosing the right coworking space, location plays an important role. An ideal coworking space should be conveniently located for all the members of your team. Venture X Naples, situated in the heart of the city, offers ample parking, with plenty of amenities, many community spaces for events, a café and a fully-equipped kitchen. We’re also just five minutes from the beach and close to an assortment of exciting dining and entertainment venues. When your team needs a break, you want to celebrate a milestone or you want to entertain clients or investors, Mercato offers some of Southwest Florida’s most happening spots.

Choosing a coworking space that works for your startup involves deciding where, when and how to best use your resources and talents. Venture X Naples offers a stylish, upscale, modern environment for startups to develop and expand into their own. Venture X stands devoted to supporting a healthy work ethic in a motivated environment that inspires collaboration. Contact Venture X Naples for a plan that fits you and start planning for your startup’s success by taking a tour of our facilities. Call us today!

Member Spotlight – Martin Pahnke

Martin Pahnke - Venture X

Changing the perception of the office environment, coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity.  Loosening the ties associated with corporate profiles, coworking spaces appeal to tech startups, design firms, health and fitness companies, law practices, marketing outfits and yes, even accounting firms. For anyone who wants to make the most of their work places, coworking spaces foster inspiration and collaboration where networking comes with the territory.

Venture X salutes SWFL Marketing Group

Venture X Naples is just the kind of place where office space meets upscale hotel lobby and contemporary industrial loft design. Members enjoy concierge services and a multitude of different spaces to hatch new ideas or work out the final details of their latest projects. Our membership represents a broad spectrum of Naples’ diverse business community. This month, our member spotlight shines on a Southwest Florida marketing company, SWFL Marketing Group partner and lead advisor, Martin Pahnke.

B2B Marketing Solutions

Self-employed for over thirty years, Martin and Karen Pahnke, originally from Toronto, Canada, have been providing their business customers with marketing solutions since 2008, primarily in the realm of logo merchandise and branded apparel. As owners of an independent company, the Pahnkes realized substantial opportunities lay in the B2B (business to business) arena, helping other companies build brand awareness and enhancing their customers’ marketing efforts altogether. Martin said that the most rewarding aspect of his job is coming up “with a solution to a customer’s objectives, seeing that plan implemented and getting the feedback afterwards.”

One opportunity leads to another

Meeting a future business partner in 2003 inspired the Pahnkes to move to Florida. While that partnership did not work out as planned, “my wife and I made our home here and are enjoying every day,” Martin told us. When asked about the biggest challenge SWFL Marketing Group has faced and how the company overcame it, Pahnke shared that, initially, getting into the promotional marketing industry during the economic downturn, SWFL faced growth challenges. “Getting actively involved in local chambers of commerce and delivering consistent quality to our customers has supported steady growth of our business,” member Pahnke said.

Venture X Naples is intrinsically community focused

Not unlike chambers of commerce, Venture X Naples connects local businesses and supports community involvement. Believing that we work better as a community than alone, we host networking events at Venture X that promote community connectivity. Plus, Venture X Naples, located in Mercato, the happening heart of Naples’ downtown, features many top-notch dining and entertainment venues. When you and your team need a break from work or when you want to entertain and make a great impression on new clients, Mercato never disappoints. Working in such a great neighborhood inspires small business owners and their teams. Enjoying your work place, without the overhead costs and maintenance of maintaining an office space in a great location does wonders to clear the way towards staying focused on your work.

Coworking spaces help keep workers focused on their goals

Studies have shown that people who work in coworking spaces are more likely to up their game and achieve their business goals. With an open, collaborative vibe, Venture X celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. When like-minded people get together, good things happen. Comparing notes with competitors helps build healthy relationships among the coworking members and works to create a stronger industry presence. On an individual level, Martin says he’s “a multi-tasking person by habit and if it [some tasks] takes more than a few minutes, much of what I do doesn’t get done.” Pahnke credits his coworker and wife, Karen, for “helping me with this personally and in business.” Working alongside other multi-taskers and staying on point is one of the many benefits of coworking at Venture X Naples.

Dream big and surround yourself with positive people

Sharing knowledge and insights is a big part of the scene at Venture X Naples which often leads to successful collaborations in the coworking environment.  When asked what business tips member Pahnke wanted to share with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, Pahnke offered these insights: “Dream big, continue to learn, get around positive people and deliver on your promises.”

At Venture X Naples, we lean into that advice with many common areas to foster collaboration, such as our lounge area, an open space to relax and mingle that can also host 75 guests or our diner-style kitchen where members can use our full kitchen to whip up something scrumptious and a café where you can grab a bite and socialize. Then there’s our patio when a little sunshine couldn’t hurt.

Great staff attitude and social events

A member since 2014, Pahnke’s favorite part about working at Venture X Naples includes “the great attitude of the staff and the social events that are set up for us.” Here to assist you with plans and membership options, as well as answering any other questions that may arise, our staff act like hotel concierges, helping you anyway we can.

Venture X Naples hits the spot

Seems that Venture X Naples makes the perfect coworking office space for Pahnke and SWFL Marketing Group for the many reasons that coworking has become an international phenomenon: Open, collaborative spaces that foster community and help inspire startups and small businesses towards success. Also, as Pahnke put it, “It’s a great place to go between appointments and to meet up with people.”

For fun, Martin Pahnke likes to unwind by “boating, travel, working out and just hanging out with friends.” Here, at Venture X Naples, we’re going out on a limb to conjecture that Martin Pahnke doesn’t mind Naples’ beautiful world-famous beaches, just five minutes from the office, either.

To learn more about the membership opportunities available at Venture X Naples, give us a call today. We’d love to have you visit us and take a tour!