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How Coworking Can Help Grow your Business

How Coworking Can Help Grow your Business

As exhilarating and freeing as working from home and launching your own business seems at first, after a while, you want to get out of those sweats and go somewhere else to work. The distractions of your home office may be taking their toll on your productivity or, you’re starting to feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the business world because your home office is your business environment. You know you need an office space that’s not connected to your home but renting office spaces can lock you into long-term leases that you can’t really afford, not to mention the maintenance and labor overhead that comes with operating out of your own office. Then there’s the whole ordeal of office design and outfitting, with even more expenses for furniture, equipment, technology, coffee, water and whatever other amenities you might want in your office setting. Out of your comfort zone?  Overwhelmed at the thought of how setting up an office will pull you in a gazillion different directions and cost a fortune?

Well . . . lucky for you, many other entrepreneurs and growing business owners with the same hurdles to jump over have discovered a happy medium between working from your home or local coffee shop and opening your own office. If by some chance you aren’t already considering this option, coworking spaces offer flexible, affordable alternatives to biting the bullet and setting up a private office. Coworking spaces are rapidly replacing traditional office settings as the preferred way to help grow your business. Connecting with other like-minded professionals with success on their agendas motivates you to get down to the business of expanding your business. This is just one of the ways coworking can help do just that. Besides the healthy, competitive camaraderie that propels members to show up every day, coworking spaces offer many other ways to help grow your business. These include:

  • Move-in ready offices

    Opening your own office requires the resources and time commitment that most businesses poised to expand just can’t afford. Coworking spaces allow you to skip that monumental obstacle by offering a variety of different office spaces with flexible monthly leases. This lets you go right on with your growth plans without skipping a beat.

  • Supplies and amenities included

    While amenities can be looked at as unnecessary by some people, when you or your associates don’t have to take the time and the expense of stocking water and coffee supplies, they can concentrate on working out ways to grow your brand. Additionally, you don’t have to hire a cleaning company or a maintenance crew to keep your office up to your standards. Many coworking spaces feature catering and/or dining options in-house and most coworking spaces are located near other businesses in metro areas. You can take clients to lunch, take the team out for a celebration, or just take a break to refresh and rejuvenate during your workday.

  • Technology, printers and meeting rooms

    Not needing to invest a huge chunk of your profits in technology, printers, scanners, and other office equipment also makes sense for businesses on the brink of expansion. Growing businesses can often need a variety of spaces to work things out. You may need a private office, along with some semi-private desks for a month or so, while you may be in need of a presentation space to launch new ideas, products, and services. Coworking spaces offer conference rooms with full audio and visual capabilities and the printing services you may need for a presentation. Other semi-private virtual office spaces can be the perfect unfettered setup for Skype meetings and training sessions.

  • Resources at your fingertips

    As the trademark of coworking spaces, networking opportunities are built in by design. Along with the potential to meet other business owners in your community, who can increase your exposure, many of the services you may need as you expand are within arm’s reach. Save time and money by hiring a freelance writer, photographer, or web designer in your network. Other independent companies and services that can be easy to source at your coworking space include marketing and legal help, as well.

  • Other networking opportunities

    In addition to meeting other business professionals that can help you stay on your path to further success by providing marketing services or designing your website, you can interact with other business owners who have walked in your shoes and can advise you on how to navigate a certain obstacle. A fresh set of eyes on a project might be just the adjustment you need to fill in a blank to move your business forward. You, in turn, may be able to help someone else with an obstacle they’re struggling with in their business.

  • Collaborative spirit can lead to new business ideas

    Working alongside enterprising professionals, as well as getting to know other members of your coworking community, inspires the creative process. Brainstorming with other members could lead to forming new businesses or working with other business owners who need your expertise in developing new projects.

  • Connecting with other members increases exposure

    Unlike attending social networking events where business cards are exchanged but little else, connecting with your coworking community at social or educational events sponsored by your coworking space, you increase your exposure in the community at large. Referrals from other members help grow your brand footprint when they send business your way via friends, families, and other connections in your community.

Coworking spaces also offer their members a business address, along with mailing services that further streamline your business plan. At Venture X, our well-appointed facilities offer you a variety of office space options, in contemporary, high-design spaces. Meeting with clients in our community area or office spaces that impress will help grow your client base and increase your bottom line. With all the services and amenities you need, but without the labor or maintenance involved in opening your own office, you can focus on expanding your business and moving into your next successful phase. Contact us to schedule a tour of your local Venture X location.

Let Creativity Run Wild – How and Why

Let Creativity Run Wild - How and Why

Except for marketing and advertising agencies and, well… creative agencies, creative thinking and creative problem solving, for the most part, took a backseat in traditional office settings in the not too distant past. More often than not, activities of the creative sort were dismissed as frivolous and distracting to the drudgery of the cubicle. In today’s more flexible coworking office environments, encouraging creativity can improve productivity, generate innovation, and possibly help save money in the long run.

Improving energy levels

When employees are encouraged to think creatively, they are allowed to take risks. Taking chances by introducing a new way of managing an issue or an operation can give your staff license to explore ways to improve on other programs and practices, in addition to helping keep the workday interesting. When your staff feels engaged in their day-to-day, that freedom opens up many avenues to discovering favorable, more efficient business outcomes.

Managers can promote creative initiatives

Encouraging creative thinking and creative problem solving can look like many different things. Managers can foster creative thinking by mixing up the day-to-day with exercises that stimulate the right brain. Some ideas include:

  • Collaboration

    Brainstorming sessions that use constructive creativity games can help your employees see different solutions other than the expected ones. In a group setting, ask your team to think about a topic or theme and then take turns as the leader discussing different aspects of that topic. Encourage team members to look at issues in different ways. More structured activities might include exercises that stimulate the right brain such as starting a narrative around a certain issue and each team member taking turns adding to that narrative. You may come up with a lot of nonsense but the collaborative effort will build trust in team members, allowing them to step outside of their comfort zones into the land of other perspectives that you may not even see yourself. Sometimes, someone else’s take on something triggers the ideas that unlock solutions.

  • Celebration

    Acknowledging natural creative thinkers and encouraging more outside of the box thinking from them can rub off on your other employees, as well. When other more reticent employees feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones, new ideas, even silly, outrageous and way over the top ideas can take the shape of innovative solutions. In order for businesses to grow and expand, most companies need to develop new ideas on a regular basis.

    Developing a fun, working atmosphere encourages team members to risk failure and as most creative thinkers will tell you, failing is the next step on the road to success. Creative thinking relies on failure as a process of eliminating less effective solutions. Creative thinking and problem-solving can be thought of as a process. Sometimes, the rejected ideas will come back into play as the project takes a different direction. While some ideas just can’t possibly work and some you count on every time, in between the good ideas and the questionable ones, lies the process of sorting out new solutions to many different situations. Brains like challenges.

  • Change your scenery

    As individuals, or as a group, do something different that may, in turn, stimulate your brain to think about other things, rather than the issue at hand. Going to a museum, taking a walk, or just going shopping at a different store can help get the creative forces to jump into gear.

  • Stimulate your brain

    Reading can introduce you to ideas that inspire creative thinking. While some people will grouse about reading, saying they don’t have time, they read too slow, blah, blah, blah, avid readers tend to find inspiration in things they’ve read about. Read fiction, blog posts or anything that stirs your interest. Writing is an exercise in creative problem-solving in itself, so if nothing else, reading connects you to how authors come up with ideas that keep your attention. While reading, you may be reminded of something in your past experience that helps formulate creative solutions to a current stumbling block.

  • Wordplay and humor

    Taking a look at those marketing, advertising, and creative agencies, here’s the thing: Most of the creative environments are upbeat, high energy businesses that invite their employees’ imaginations to go a little off the beaten path, or way off, if need be.  Since humor in advertising and marketing go a long way towards audience recognition and buyer response, clever wordplay, a generous sense of humor, and a drive to create new and innovative client messages are often the order of the day. Working in an environment where wordplay and humor are incorporated into the landscape can keep workers engaged with projects and thinking creatively about solutions. A little laughter and a modicum of fun allow your staff to interact with each other. Bouncing ideas off each could lead to ideas that stick.

At Venture X, you can fine-tune your creative thinking and problem-solving scenarios with a variety of different office spaces that work for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and many other configurations that help summon the creative forces for your next innovative idea. With great spaces to take breaks and common areas to chat on a leisurely level, Venture X coworking spaces are conveniently located near popular dining, entertainment and shopping venues to keep the creative groove going until that ah-ha moment shines on the situation at hand. Get creativity to work for you at Venture X. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Join us at Venture X where creativity is your friend!

One Year in a Coworking Space – How it Can Help Your Business

How coworking space can help your business

It seems that coworking spaces have made inroads into all workplace scenarios today. Initiated as a way for startups and entrepreneurs to sort out their business plans and work around other interesting, like-minded professionals, coworking spaces offer something for everyone, so it seems.  Small companies with a couple of employees can turn into a company with eighty employees, ready to make the move to open an office of their own. Instagram, Uber, and Spotify, among other mega companies, all started in coworking spaces. Other corporations are finding a niche in coworking spaces, as well. What can a coworking space do for your company in a year’s time? Plenty.

Easy to launch from a coworking space

Most companies and individuals just bringing their visions to life don’t feel the need to throw all of their efforts and a scary amount of money into sourcing an appropriate office space, building out a space and keeping up with the day-to-day of running and maintaining an independent office.

Save so much time and money getting up and running

Not only do young companies get a pass on deciding how they want to look when they grow up, but they also don’t have to worry about who will keep up with the coffee, water, and amenities they need for each day at the office. Ultimately, businesses working out of a coworking space save a ton of money, time and energy getting on their feet.

For larger established companies

Saving money on office overheads works great for new companies but coworking spaces are also popular with large companies, as they can save money not opening branch offices, as well as saving money not flying people into their corporate headquarters. Satellite offices work well in coworking spaces, where corporations can schedule a space for monthly meetings or provide a place for teams to work on a daily basis, with flexible monthly contracts.

Flexible monthly contracts let you grow at your own rate

Eliminating rigid, long-term leases can allow companies to grow organically, not restricted to fashioning their businesses around a space they may outgrow. Purchasing equipment and the most current technology, plus installing and setting up technology becomes a non-issue, saving on those giant purchases until you can actually afford them. Coworking spaces feature laser-fast Internet with all of the technology you need to run a business figured into monthly contracts.

Connecting to the community

Working at a coworking space for a year connects you not only to other business professionals in your area but the entire community as a whole. Building relationships with other coworking members can lead to new client introductions and/or potential team members for your business.


Networking events at coworking spaces go with the territory and help businesses grow, as well as providing social networking opportunities for members. Business-oriented workshops can provide insights into something you just can’t quite wrap your brain around about your business and connect you to other members who’ve been down that same road and are willing to share their experiences. Some coworking spaces offer their community areas as event spaces outside of business hours, providing an excellent venue for product launches and other promotional events for your business, with full-service kitchens for catered events.

Healthy food on the premises and catered in

A lot of coworking spaces feature their own full-service cafes and some provide catering every day or on certain days. Readily available, healthy food choices can keep teams on track when needed and can offer a way to relax and take a break from working.

Recruiting team members

Because coworking spaces offer a look into how people work, they are valuable over a year’s time in connecting you to the people you want on your team. When you already know someone’s work ethics and abilities, you can approach them for services you need and don’t want to master, such as web design, photography for your website, marketing, SEO content writing for your blog, and other various components you will find you need as your company begins to grow.


The motivating atmosphere in coworking spaces can get creative juices flowing and after getting to know other members, ideas for other companies may hatch into a business when members’ talents converge. Your best idea yet may come to light with the help of another member’s perspective.

Learning about your surroundings

If it’s your dream to find the perfect space for your company when you’re ready to move out on your own, you can take advantage of your coworking friends’ knowledge about good neighborhoods, buildings to avoid, nearby dining, shopping and entertainment venues and other things, such as parking availability in different areas.

Coworking going strong

Remarkably, coworking spaces grew from one space in 2005 to 14,411 spaces today, according to an article. Once a trend bunking traditional office environments, coworking spaces have changed the way we do business. So well-received, large companies are taking advantage of the flexibility coworking spaces offer, with low overheads, well-appointed surroundings, and monthly contracts.

Join us at Venture X

Venture X makes a great starting place for your small company to get its feet wet, as you develop your company into a business that needs its own space. Spending a year or so at Venture X, you’ll be rubbing elbows with an impressive list of business owners from many industries, including tech innovators, financial planners, health and fitness publishers, independent attorneys, healthcare professionals, marketing pros, as well as freelance designers, photographers, writers and others, all working together in an atmosphere that inspires productivity and collaboration.

Come grow with us at a Venture X location near you. Contact us to request a tour!

7 Amazingly Successful Businesses that Started in a Coworking Space

7 Amazingly Successful Businesses that Started in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces provide low-cost office space alternatives to startups who want to focus on growing their business instead of spending time and money setting up an office to keep up with their growing needs. Established businesses are using coworking spaces for remote teams and meeting spaces to save time and travel expenses. Coworking spaces offer opportunities to connect with a diverse community of business professionals in your area. The collaborative, electric atmosphere has proven to attract a growing list of startups that include these successful businesses:

  1. Instagram

    Who doesn’t use or at least know about the app that inspired the selfie, along with providing a visual platform for photographers, food and travel bloggers, as well as social influencers? After a number of preliminary ventures, in 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the wildly popular photo-sharing app. Working in a San-Francisco coworking space, the team spent eight weeks developing the app that first launched on Apple’s iOS® operating system and was sold one and a half years later to Facebook for a cool $1 billion in cash and stocks.

  2. Uber

    A year earlier, also starting out in a San Francisco coworking space, co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp hatched an idea that would help with the horrendous taxicab problem in the San Francisco area. Their little idea, Uber, put the brakes on traditional taxicab services, opening up a convenient, affordable way to get around San Francisco.

    Operating in 633 cities worldwide, according to Market, Uber is funded by big names, such as Google Ventures and Fidelity Ventures. Uber has also teamed up with Amazon Flex to deliver packages and now offers a service called UberEats to deliver food to hungry consumers.

  3. Spotify

    After launching in Sweden in 2006, Spotify finally launched from San Francisco’s RocketSpace in the US in 2011 after long and arduous negotiations with US record labels. The popular music streaming service has a long-term goal “to get everyone in the world to use Spotify,” Daniel Ek, Spotify’s chief executive, told the Financial Times. Spotify is now worth about $8 billion, with over 180 million active monthly users, in more than 61 countries, including 71 million who subscribe to Spotify Premium.

  4. Timehop

    Originally called 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo, Timehop was created at Foursquare’s Hackathon in February 2011. A nostalgia app for the digital age, Timehop allows Facebook users to share any previous posts and pics they’ve ever shared on Facebook. Users find Timehop a fun way to share memories and reconnect with others in their photos and posts.

    Jonathan Wegener says that the coworking space “gave him a real platform to launch from” and sees coworking spaces as technology hubs of the future. “Having an awesome home for independent workers and entrepreneurs is crucial to New York City’s goal to become a major technology hub,” Wegener said.

  5. Wanderfly

    In 2011, Christy Liu, along with three other co-founders and a small staff working at Soho’s Prospective Space in lower Manhattan, set out to create a platform she described as, “a travel inspiration site that helps people discover new experiences based on their budgets and interests.”

    Liu believed that something needed to be done about the restrictive search parameters available to travelers planning trips. She thought by working with a close-knit team and other creative types, in a shared space, her team could find a way to broaden search parameters and results in order to inspire travelers planning trips. In the space of a year after Wanderfly launched, TripAdvisor purchased the travel app for an undisclosed sum.

  6. Indiegogo

    Launched as a way to fund independent film projects at 2008’s Sundance Film Festival. Co-founder Danae Ringelmann, a Wall Street analyst, along with co-founders Eric Schell and Slava Rubin, wanted to find a way to democratize fundraising. Now, Indiegogo has raised over $800 million for 600,000 projects in some 223 countries. One of the biggest crowdfunding portals to date and a go-to portal for startups and entrepreneurs, Indiegogo supports a broad range of startups, in all phases of development, from the idea process to the marketplace.

  7. Charity: Water

    Not all coworking space members are involved in business ventures. Scott Harrison’s non-profit brainchild of an idea to supply clean water to developing countries launched in 2006 in a New York coworking hub. Since then, Charity: Water has funded over 27,000 projects, providing clean water to 84 million people around the globe. Harrison was recognized by Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 list, in addition to Forbes Magazines Impact 30 list. Currently a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, you can pre-order Harrison’s new book, Thirst to support this cause.

Venture X Naples offers the space you need to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.  Upscale, yet affordable, Venture X Naples connects you with the resources to grow your business in a well-appointed contemporary shared office environment. Working around other like-minded professionals, you can connect and collaborate in a welcoming community with flexible monthly contracts. If motivation and productivity that leads to success is your jam, come visit Venture X Naples to schedule a tour of your new workplace. Located in the Mercato neighborhood near outstanding shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, you can also stand on Naples’ white, sandy beaches, only a matter of minutes and a short bike ride from our location. Truly motivating.

Help Your Business Grow with Coworking Spaces

How Coworking Spaces Help You Grow Your Business

In the US alone, coworking spaces jumped from a grand total of one in 2005 to 781 in 2017, with no signs of slowing down, according to Originally geared towards startups and entrepreneurs as a solution to working from home or brainstorming at a coffee shop, coworking spaces are now changing the face of the traditional office. Even corporations are getting in the game, using coworking spaces as convenient, cost-effective satellite offices. Besides the built-in social networking, community spirit, and collaborative nature coworking spaces offer, the new normal in office environments can actually help you grow your business.

Coworking vibe motivates like-minded professionals

While you might think the energy level, the social element and just working around a lot of other people may be distracting for individuals, as well as businesses using coworking spaces as branch offices, the truth is, studies have shown that the open coworking space vibe increases members’ productivity and success.

A February 2017 article reported that research by DeskMag and Deskwanted revealed that:

  • 74% of coworkers are more productive
  • 86% have a larger business network
  • 93% have a bigger social network
  • Over two-thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects
  • A third reported an increase in income

Also, a Harvard Business Review study showed that people who were members of coworking spaces reported levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale. That’s at least one point above folks working in traditional spaces. “Unheard of,” said Harvard Business Review, as they double-checked their data just to be sure. Along with working in motivating, inspirational spaces, businesses, and individuals like the idea of saving money and avoiding the pitfalls of setting up and maintaining an office space.

Getting right down to business without overhead expenses

When you’re just starting to grow into your success, fledgling businesses often take a hit to their productivity and overheads by setting up an office. Skipping the stress that goes along with long-term leases, outfitting a space and setting up technology keeps your business on track. Coworking space members enjoy all of the appointments of an upscale office space, with laser fast Wi-Fi, plus all of the services and amenities you need to keep on, keeping on, towards more success at a fraction of what it costs to maintain a traditional office space. According to a article, “coworking spaces have been proven to reduce expenditures of small companies by as much as 75 percent.”

Coworking spaces equal flexibility

Another coworking space perk that helps companies grow revolves around the fact that whatever space needs your company encounters during different growth phases, coworking spaces deliver. You might need to rent a large space to brainstorm ideas with remote team members once a month, or you may want a private office for yourself and semi-private spaces for other team members.  Short term rentals are available whether you need to rent a conference room for a product launch or for training sessions on a new system. Coworking spaces redefine flexibility.

Most coworking spaces feature boutique hotel lobby-like community areas, with sofas and chairs that make an ideal place to meet with new clients or just to take a break from it all. Flexibility means that you aren’t stuck in a space that doesn’t fit the needs of your company as it grows. Speaking of stuck, the intrinsic, collaborative spirit of coworking spaces can help you hurdle business obstacles, as well.

Consulting, conversing and collaboration

The diverse community of coworking spaces lends itself to helping other members out. You may find answers to your specific hurdle by consulting with a business owner who’s been down the same road already. When creative ideas start bouncing around from one coworking member to another, the synergy can create new ideas, new business relationships, and new businesses. Not a bad perk.

Also, a number of freelancers working at coworking spaces can provide the support your business needs in the way of websites, marketing, photography, and other components of your business that may not be your specialty. Saving time choosing a web designer or an IT guy to set up your e-commerce site saves money and allows you to do what you do best, keep growing your business . . . even when you’re not feeling so productive.

Coworking energy is contagious

Working from home can present a plethora of distractions that can easily take a big chunk out of your work schedule and result in frustration with further distractions and down the rabbit hole your day goes. Coworkers often surprise themselves when they show up for work, not really feeling it that day and can’t help but get into their business goals because others around them are so jazzed about what they’re doing that it just rubs off on them. Then, maybe there’s a community event that day that addresses something you’re trying to figure out and . . . there it is, problem solved. Or maybe you attend a community event that day where you meet someone with an idea that grows into a new business opportunity. You gotta be in it, to win it.

Hone your skill sets

Because coworking lets you network at the business level in a professional environment, you are ideally positioned to learn how to expand your business skills and learn new skills you may not have deemed necessary before. Your whole day could turn into a series of learning opportunities that inspire you to break through the barriers that affect your progress moving forward.

Venture X Naples offers everything you need to save money while growing your business in today’s marketplace. Affordable, upscale digs with flexible monthly contracts, an open, welcoming community of like-minded professionals that motivates you and promotes productivity, with the same goal of continuing success. Visit Venture X Naples to schedule a tour of your new office space. Located in the heart of Naples, the Mercato neighborhood features top of the line shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. Take a client to lunch or take a walk on the beach in the morning – a mere five-minute bike ride away from our location. Just another perk.