The Office Space For Every Industry

There seems to be a misinterpretation of who can work out of a coworking space. Many people who are new to the coworking concept seem to believe only tech companies can use them. To answer that doubt, we want to announce that coworking is for every type of industry.

Coworking is a new aged version of executive suites. A place where people not only run their companies, but have the ability to collaborate and build long term relationships.

Currently at Venture X, we have many different industries represented including web designers, attorneys, realtors, internet marketers, bookkeepers, non-profits, artists, film producers and more. The best part about coworking is that most of these companies wouldn’t even know of each other unless they were working in the same facility. They now build relationships, use each other services, refer each other and grow.

Within our space, we have seen this referral happen many times. We have bookkeepers who have received business by having their company listed on our website. We have had film producers receive numerous contracts just by sitting here and someone asking for them. We have seen our attorneys and internet marketers work together to help grow business…(we could go on forever).

One of the most popular part about coworking, at least here in Naples, is the affordability. Having a full time office space for only $249/month with no contracts is hard to find anywhere else. You simply pay for what you need and skip on what you don’t.

If you haven’t given coworking a shot, I suggest doing so today. Find the closest one near you and try it out! Get out of your home office, your executive suite and start working where the future is heading.

New Years Resolution: The Start of Something BIG!

December is ending and it’s time to start planning for the new year. What do most people do? Make a New Years “resolution” of course! Pardon the quotations, but most “resolutions” don’t last too long. Resolution is defined as “the act of determining upon an action or course of action, method or procedure”. Popular resolutions consist of getting in shape, eating healthy, no more drinking, etc… However it’s time to change that! Let’s make 2013 the year of a fresh new office space, a cowork space. Working at home and in an executive suite was so…2012.

Coworking office spaces allow small businesses, freelancers and independent professionals of all kinds to have an affordable office space while being surrounded by other inspiring individuals. This is something you can’t find at a home office or an executive suite. Companies that work in a cowork space genuinely care about their surrounding community members.

Now since we all apparently missed out on the doomsday the Mayans scheduled for us, let’s move on and into something new. Venture X gives people the chance to have a professional office space in the heart of Naples at Mercato, at very affordable rates. Whether you want to just stop by for the day to get out of the home office or you need a permanent office space with 24/7 access, Venture X has a plan for you!

Let’s make 2013 the year to grow your business, in a fresh new office. Come work with us!

Coworking is the New Executive Center

Okay, so the title is a bit extreme, because coworking spaces and executive centers are nothing alike. However, what I am trying to say is that coworking is the way this generation is beginning to work, just like executive centers used to be. Low cost…low risk…awesome environments!

Coworking is Taking Over.

A recent study was completed by Deskmag, that showed over 2,000 coworking spaces wordwide. Let’s step back for a second and remember that the first coworking space opened around 2005. Only two years ago, 600 coworking spaces were accounted for. New York City alone has 60 coworking spaces. 60 spaces for just over 8 million people. If we do the math, that’s 1 space for every 133,333 people. Not bad right? This is why we see a trend of small cities of less than 1,000,000 building multiple coworking spaces.

Is Coworking a Bubble?

Nope. These trends we are seeing are here to stay. Coworking spaces are being built with a purpose and they have a real wealth to share. There’s a large change in the world of working and these characteristics are due to the economic changes around the globe. That long term security one used to feel from employers is no longer present and people are leaving corporations and starting their own companies.

Coworking allows companies to start at a very low cost with little to no risk. Let’s take a look. If someone want’s to start their own company right now, they most likely can survive with a laptop, cellphone, and a desk. Yes, they can work from home, but if they wanted to appear professional, with a business address, an inspiring environment and an amazing community of like-minded individuals to surround them, they can join a cowork space for a few hundred per month.

The best part of being a small company or entrepreneur…you are less likely to get fired. It’s a great feeling. You should try it!

Want to check out Venture X for the day for free? Contact us and tell us you want a free day pass.

Is Coworking Worth It?

Coworking is definitely worth it.

Not to be biased or anything, but we clearly love coworking and stand behind it. Now everything has it downsides, however when Kylie Jane Wakefield was asked, “is coworking worth it?” the answer was definitely “Yes!”.

The Following post was written by Kylie Jane Wakefield. The Source is:

The freelance life isn’t always glamorous. Working at home can become dull, distracting, or depressing, while coffee shops can prove to be quite frustrating.

A co-working space “is essentially the best of both worlds,” HongKiat’s Jennifer Moline wrote. “This concept consists of you renting a work space for a period of time at an office where other people do the same. You and other co-workers are not employed by the same company, working on different projects yet you work side by side with the others creating an ideal working environment. You still get to punch in and out as you please and you are not under the watchful eye of your boss but in the very same time, you get a change of environment and engage in watercooler talk.”

Michael Benvenga, a freelance graphic designer, has been a member of Brooklyn Creative League, a co-working space in Gowanus, Brooklyn, for eight months. Before that, he worked from home for three years. “Working at home I just got depressed,” he said. “It was claustrophobic after a while. I wouldn’t want to stay at home and eat dinner so I’d eat out and spend extra unnecessary money. When you’re not working at home, you come home and relax. It doesn’t feel weird because you haven’t been there all day. You can enjoy your house.”

Although it may seem like spending money on a co-working space was not necessary it helped Benvenga’s career. “When you leave your apartment to work and go to a dedicated space, you get more work done more easily. You end up working longer hours because everyone around you is working. There’s a good group effort feeling going on.”

Co-working spaces also offer members the chance to network and build their businesses. At Brooklyn Creative League, Benvenga says there is an online bulletin board where people list services they need, and his fellow co-workers will frequently ask around the office for help.

At Bitmap Creative Labs, a co-working space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, community is a huge aspect as to why it functions well. “Everyone can benefit each other and work off each other,” Founder Nick Robalik said. “It’s alienating to be a freelancer and you can get cabin fever working at home…[There we have] a community of freelancers who work off each other. Being around other people is helpful. Being able to go get lunch and chat about work and talk to anybody throughout the day in person and in the same industry is beneficial.”

Robalik, said that setting up shop at Bitmap is more conducive to productivity than working at home. “I get a lot more work done there. If I am at the office I’m working on something. Everyone else surrounding me is working on cool stuff, so I want to work on cool stuff too.”

Although the fee to rent out a co-working space might be scary to freelancers, who often don’t have steady incomes, the added convenience could end up being a money saver, like it was for Benvenga. He points out that in coffee shops and libraries, it’s difficult to do business over the phone and the Internet might be spotty. If time equals money, and time is wasted by stepping outside to take a phone call or waiting for the barista to fix the wifi, then a freelancer is spending less time making money. According to Moline, co-working spaces can even be written off as a tax expense.

There are the initial costs, but the benefits of joining a co-working space are clear: It’s social, it can lead to valuable connections, and it’s a better working environment than the home, library, or coffee shop. After eight months, Benvenga says he has no regrets. “I felt like I’d be saving a lot of money, which is why I held off doing a shared workspace. … I had a month to month agreement. Once I tried it, though, I was so happy so I didn’t want to stop.”

The Next Generation of Office Space

A New Generation of Office Space in Naples.

Office Space has radically changed over the past 5 years and will continue to evolve every day. The days of working in an executive center or traditional office space are slowly dying off and people are moving into the new collaborative workspaces called, “coworking”. As the economy adjust’s, more people are finding that corporations are not everything they hoped for. The average person in today’s economy will have over 10 jobs before they retire.

What does this have to do with “The Next Generation of Office Space”?

Good question. The answer is simple. If people don’t keep their jobs long term, and corporate jobs are no longer “awesome”, then people will begin to create their own jobs. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and it’s not slowing down. With the economy in a recession, people are not able to find jobs; so what do they do? They create them! This is exactly why coworking facilities and the new generation of office spaces exist.

Out with the old. In with the new.

Executive Centers traditionally require the tenants first and last month rent, with nothing included. You then pay for furniture, your phone and get charged for every single thing possible. In Naples, Florida, rent on average begins around $1,000/month, making a startup cost nearly $3,000 ($1,000 for first month + $1,000 for last month + furniture). Even companies that can afford it are starting to find it invaluable. In the new generation of office space, like Venture X in Naples, Florida, people pay by the day or month, with little to no risk. Furniture is supplied, no leases, and no isolation. Full time memberships start at $350. If your budget can’t afford it the next month, then you don’t have to sign up for it. Memberships are flexible, so every type of company can customize their own plan, and only pay for what they need.

Working alone sucks.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are slowly starting to figure this out; working alone sucks. As seen in Office Space, when Milton was placed downstairs, he was isolated an alone. This is how executive centers are built. Introverts or Extroverts, people are social by nature. It has been proven that people who work in a cowork facility improve not only their social life, but their business as well.

Join the movement.

Don’t be left behind. It’s time to join the movement. Whether you work from home, a coffee shop or an Executive Center, it’s time to leave the past where it belongs…in the past. According to the Harvard Business Review, the rise of  coworking facilities are just beginning and they will increase by 40% in 2012.