Cowork Offices in Naples

Naples is home to some great entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small companies, many of which work from a home office, executive or out of a Starbucks. Coworking is a new concept for Naples, that the founders of VentureX stand behind and believe will help shape the entrepreneur atmosphere in Naples, Florida. The days of overpaying for an executive office and bringing your clients to Starbucks are over.

Coworking is a concept that began less than a decade ago with technology startups in San Francisco. Businesses soon realized that people dont like being alone and feeling isolated while they are working. The future of how people work is changing and companies are beginning to tear down the walls and encourage collaboration.

At VentureX, collaboration between members is key and it is what causes the innovation and excitement of entrepreneurship. Lets be honest, what person would not want to be working at a desk one minute, then sitting in a new york cafe chatting with fellow entrepreneurs the next. This is all possible, at VentureX.

Let the Construction Begin!

Alright everyone…so last week we began construction! I hope everyone is as excited as we are here at Venture X. We are definitely on schedule, if not ahead…so start gathering your laptop, tablets, and phones and tell your clients to start meeting you at Mercato, because we are going to change the way the future works.

We will be continually updating our Facebook fans with a time lapse of the construction. What’s that you say? A time…lapse? YES, you heard us right! We will be heading over to Mercato today to set up the camera so you can see constant updates on our Facebook page.

Remember, applications are now pouring in, so don’t wait around until we open to apply. The entrepreneurs and businesses who apply for a desk membership or office membership will be placed on the “Wall of Awesomeness”, along with being promoted on our website.

Stay tuned, like our facebook page…and get ready…because The Future Works Here!

Opening soon in Naples!

VentureX is an innovative workspace for entrepreneurs, independents, and creative professionals. We are truly excited to get this space launched in Naples, Florida at Mercato off of Vanderbilt and U.S. 41. Naples, and all of SWFL has needed a change in pace for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their collaboration and business. VentureX is being developed with the concept that the future of work is changing and entrepreneurs of every trade have the desire to collaborate with each other.

The typical four wall executive office, working at home, or working out of a coffee shop just doesn’t cut it and VentureX is bringing something completely cool to the city. The founders of VentureX have been researching the innovation of “coworking” for nearly 1.5 years and realized that Naples, Florida was in need of this trending work space. The founders are excited beyond words to bring this collaborative workspace to the entrepreneurs and startups of SWFL, knowing it can only benefit the businesses who take advantage of it. No longer does working for yourself mean working by yourself. VentureX – The Future Works Here.