Venture X Palm Beach Gardens – City Centre Featured On WPTV

Venture X Palm Beach Gardens – City Centre was recently featured on WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach. The segment showcases several Venture X members who are working moms that are enjoying Venture X as an alternative to working from home. Getting out of the house to focus on their work and avoiding the many distractions and endless to-do lists, working moms are thriving in the flexible environment with like-minded business professionals. Their businesses are growing because they are now more productive and able to conduct business in a quiet atmosphere. Lyette Reback, mom to 16 children and founder of Believe with Me, a non-profit organization that assists families of fallen soldiers says it best, “There are times I have to make really important phone calls where I don’t want the dog barking and the kids running and fighting in the background.” Watch the entire segment here.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Ways to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money

Ways to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money

All small business owners and startups know that it takes more money than you think it should just to get your business up and running. Getting all of the components working together, with your supply chain and inventory management operations running seamlessly, can take a while and the initial investment in technology and equipment can take more than a chunk out of your startup budget. Then, when your business starts to take off, growing pains can keep your profit margins from increasing, especially if you plan to open your own office or invest in warehouse space with a large overhead. While tech startups and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies may not need to invest in storage spaces or packing and shipping supplies, there are still a lot of ways your company can be wasting money. Streamline your company’s operations by implementing these things that help you grow your business without spending money.

  1. Join a coworking space, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money setting up your office and you can actually focus on your business. With coworking becoming the new norm in office settings, many businesses set up shop in shared office spaces and remain there as their needs change. Most coworking spaces offer flexible monthly rentals in upscale buildings with all the amenities you need plus great motivated settings.
  1. Cut your overhead labor by automating some of your non-producing functions. Chances are, you can hire an accountant from your coworking network that will work on an “as needed” basis. Sales reporting, order monitoring, and record keeping can be sometimes accomplished with integrated software unless you ship a lot of products, then you may want to consider a 3rd party logistics company that can automate your supply chain and take over your customer care services.
  1. Encourage your staff to try more efficient ways of doing things. We’ve all heard, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but we can all look for different ways to perform certain tasks that save time and money. It might just be a way to bundle supply ordering or automating parts of your fulfillment operations. 
  1. Fine tune your marketing message. Less is more today in marketing messages. A well-designed logo can go a long way to getting your products more exposure. Graphic designers will tell you that a good logo can be drawn in the sand. Look at your marketing initiatives. Are they positioned where your brand base will see them? Join forums if your customers are asking each other questions about using your products and post to these forums as an expert advisor. If you’re a restaurant, get your business into area directories to attract visitors and locals alike. 
  1. Get the word out. Get involved with your brand base. Join LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other outlets where you can publish articles that highlight your services or products. Download industry magazine and newspapers’ editorials. Submit articles about your products or services. Send press releases to your local newspaper and feature articles on your website when you host an event, launch a new product line, or surpass a milestone.
  1. Be the face of your company. Offer your advice when local media needs an expert in your field. Create your own video blog on your website or host your own educational events and offer attendees a discount or a coupon to use to purchase your products. Network within your community. 
  1. Feature promotions on your website and position them on your homepage or somewhere your potential customers will easily find them. Offer limited time specials and end-of-season clearance items. If you have returned items that you can refurbish at a low cost, sell them for deep discounts rather than counting them as losses. Post these specials on your Facebook page, as well as on your website. 
  1. Focus on the services or products that sell and turn over other responsibilities such as your content management and other marketing initiatives to other associates who can turn them into profitable entities. The learning curve on trying to master aspects of your business that aren’t exactly in your wheelhouse wastes time you could be spending developing a new line of products. If you’re the principle and the crew of your business, hire freelancers to help you with content and design for your web presence. While not free, a professional-looking, high functioning website will pay for itself and help your business grow exponentially. You can’t be an expert in every aspect of your business and keep growing. 
  1. Reward your employees for good work in adhering to deadlines on time-sensitive issues, meeting budget timelines, serving your customers well, and increasing your bottom line. A little appreciation goes a long way. Your team will appreciate small bonuses and be willing to go the extra mile to help your company grow. 
  1. Give away promotional items on your website or at your physical location. Send them with your invoices and deliveries. Along with coasters and pens, these freebies can also be coupons, how to videos, or tips on getting the most out of your products. If your business centers on kitchen equipment and appliances, you could offer recipes or access to a downloadable recipe book.

Streamline your business, taking stock of and replacing processes that don’t work with more efficient functions can help you grow without spending money. At Venture X, our shared office spaces can lower your company’s overhead in many ways. Working in an energized environment, among other like-minded professionals, growing businesses take advantage of built-in networking opportunities. Plus, collaboration possibilities abound in upscale office environments that feature many different shared desk and private office spaces, as well as comfortable places to take a break. Contact Venture X in your area to schedule a tour. Grow your new business or move to the next phase of your successful enterprise, saving time and money along the way as a Venture X member!

Member Spotlight – Cody Cole Brown

Member Spotlight - Cody Cole Brown

Flexible workspaces are popping everywhere but Venture X’s coworking spaces offer businesses amenities unlike any other. When a new business is getting off the ground, Venture X offers a budget-friendly home for businesses across countless industries. Cody Cole Brown, a member at Venture X West Palm Beach – CityPlace, is the Owner of Cole’s Media Company, a full-service Marketing Agency that specializes in the equestrian industry and luxury brands. We spent some time getting to know Cody and his company.

We asked Cody some quick Q & As to get to know him and learn about his career journey. Here’s what he had to say:

  • What made you want to get involved in this line of work?

While working for a marketing firm out of Tampa, I developed a love for the equestrian sport of show jumping. With learning about all the many equestrian disciplines, I noticed a lack in marketing professionals who specialized in the sport.  

  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job would have to be the amazing places it takes me. I’m based in Florida during the winter months and then travel all over the world during the summer to different horse shows. 

  • What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced in business is my age. I’m a young business owner which understandably might concern clients at the start of a working relationship. I’ve overcome this by making my youth my strongest attribute. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything. We live in a digital age where everything is constantly changing and if you can admit that and make it a priority every day to learn the newest and most innovative trends, you’ll find success.

  • What business tips would you like to share with others?

Don’t show people what they want, show them what they don’t know they want yet.

  • What has been your favorite part about working at Venture X?

I’ve been a member for only a couple of weeks and so far, I have loved working here. Everyone is super nice and it’s just a great working environment.

A Personal Look at Cody Cole Brown

While getting to know Cody a little better, we asked who or what had been his greatest inspiration and were pleased to hear him say “Watching businesses and people achieve their dreams and knowing that I played a small part in helping them.” It’s obvious that Cody wants to prove himself and is eager to do what it takes to help his clients find their success. He takes pride in his work and we feel that’s a quality that will get him very far.

Cody admits that he’s an old soul and that in his spare time, we’d most likely find him reading the Wall Street Journal or listening to music from his vinyl record collection. We also learned that he’s from a small German town in Michigan that is famous for celebrating Christmas 365 days a year. Now, that sounds jolly to us!

Is your business looking for a workspace that is fun and encourages networking? There’s no doubt that Venture X is the place for your business. We have new locations opening around the country every month. You’ll love working at Venture X – we offer flexible membership plans that you can afford.

Contact Venture X today and schedule a tour!

Why Networking is Important – Learn from your Peers

Why Networking is Important - Learn from your Peers

When Aristotle postulated that “Nature abhors a vacuum,” we are pretty sure he was not referring to the plight of home-based business owners and other independent contractors who experience the isolation and whacked out work/life balances from working and living in the same place. However, the ancient philosopher’s wisdom still applies today. In order to please nature, coworking spaces have changed the way we work – due, in part, to their built-in networking capabilities.

For startups, small businesses looking to grow, and most definitely, entrepreneurs and freelancers, networking not only helps you get out there and get exposure meeting other business owners, but it is also a necessity in today’s commercial landscape. When you come into contact with other like-minded professionals at industry events or conferences, you stand a good chance of learning a few things from the people you meet in between sessions and at conference social gatherings. The popularity of coworking spaces can be credited to supporting the natural peer-to-peer sharing atmospheres these spaces create.

Coworking and networking go hand-in-hand

Research has shown that coworking environments improve productivity in business professionals by 74%, according to the online publication deskmag.  One study pointed out that 86% of folks using coworking spaces increased their business networks and 93% enjoyed larger social networks. Two-thirds of these coworking members felt more creative and now collaborate more on projects, while a third even reported increased income. The bottom line: networking steps up your business game in many amazing ways.

Get and give some advice, share some insights

Learning from your peers occurs naturally when you network. Another timeless adage states, “Two heads are better than one.” With more eyes on an issue, resolutions abound. You might meet someone struggling with the same issue that is slowing down your forward momentum. By mentioning your challenge, you might find that missing link, something that had not occurred to you before this encounter. You might talk to someone who has been where you are, who can give you the tip you need to get your business back on track. On the flip side, you could share just the right magic insight to straighten out someone else’s business hurdle.

Find a freelancer

For independent contractors, networking provides a way to increase their exposure and grow their brand bases. Offering web design, photography, content writing, marketing plans, and other services to update your online presence, freelance professionals can spare you the distraction of putting your work on hold while you work on your website. You don’t have to be an expert at everything; just talk to your peers, they’ll get you in touch with freelance professionals, as well as independent attorneys that can help you with licensing, permits, contracts and such.

Hire from your coworking community

Again, coworking spaces lend themselves to networking within your work community. Businesses can find freelancers and suggest them to other businesses while freelancers, in turn, can recommend your business to other clients in the community. As your business expands and you need to hire an in-house content writer and marketing team or an IT team, well . . . you’ve got your bases covered. Hiring from within your coworking community means you save the time and expense of interviewing random candidates whose work you don’t know. Hmmm . . . hire someone you already know and like the way they work? What a concept.

Collaborate, collaborate, do that new thing

All of this networking, idea swapping, brainstorming and imagining new horizons can lead to a synergy that’s ripe for collaboration. Motivated and inspired by like-minded individuals, imaginations can soar and a shared thought evolves into a new business concept. An unintentional side effect of networking, synergy has a tendency to spark new ideas, taking on a life of its own. A strong, collaborative community can harness these ideas and turn them into new, successful business ventures. Peers can also help each other reach out beyond their own circles of support to broader exposure and brand identity building.

Growing your brand

As you grow and your circle of connections expands, peers can help strengthen your business’s footprint, exponentially. Attending business networking events should be part of any growing business’s plan. Industry-specific events and conferences can expand your peer base, as well as deepen your industry knowledge. Peers can put you in contact with others in your industry that will refer you on a local basis for services outside their geographical locations. Also, other professionals in your network may refer you to clients that require your specific skill-set or products that their business doesn’t offer.

At conferences and events

When attending industry events and conferences, make sure you do your homework and come prepared to make an impression. Look at the attendee list for other industry professionals you are interested in meeting. Formulate a list of questions you would like to ask certain peers in terms of your business’s needs. Remember to pack enough current business cards for events or be sure you’ve got an effective, alternative keep-in-contact device up your sleeve.

After events and conferences, it’s important to follow up with peers you have just met. Sending emails, joining LinkedIn groups and other industry groups can strengthen your networks and increase your company’s online presence.

In business, learning from peers is important because peers give you second opinions, additional insights, and a much-needed reality check sometimes. In addition to supporting your efforts, peer advice can increase your exposure and build stronger, more effective networks to grow your business. You stay motivated and inspired, working around other business professionals towards the same success goals.

Venture X coworking spaces are designed to create an inspiring and motivating place to work. Our contemporary, upscale facilities cater to the needs of our members with a variety of different workspaces and flexible, monthly rates to meet your business needs. From shared desk spaces to semi-private and private offices, Venture X offers many amenities and well-appointed spaces to help you network and meet new peers in the course of the business day.

But, it’s not all work here at Venture X, as our community areas offer excellent places to take breaks and grab a bite to eat. With educational networking events and a space to throw your own launch party, Venture X makes the most of peer-to-peer networking. Make the most of your networking potential and create some fun in your work life.

Contact Venture X to schedule a tour at any of our welcoming locations. Peers are where we’re at!

Member Spotlight – Scot Duke and Mark Neace

Venture X Member Spotlight - Scot Duke and Mark Neace

Coworking spaces offer countless businesses a home while in the growing phase and really are a budget-friendly way to get things off the ground. Scot Duke and Mark Neace, business partners and members at Venture X Dallas North – Alpha Road, TX. Duke is Chief Operations Officer and Operations Director for SyncLab Media while Neace is Co-Founder and Creative Director.  We spent time getting to know these members and their role at SyncLab Media.

What does SyncLab Media do?

SyncLab Media is a video-centric digital marketing and consulting firm that helps organizations synchronize their digital marketing efforts with their business objectives to achieve better outcomes.

We asked Duke and Neace some quick Q & As to get to know them and their career journey. Here’s what each had to say:

  • What made you want to get involved in this line of work?

Duke: I enjoy Social Media and like project management, plus I have been in operations management for over 40 years.

Neace: I helped a friend out on his thesis film project during my freshman year at the University of Hawai’i and immediately changed my major to communications with a film and television focus. After many years of working in the industry, I had the unique opportunity to help beta test the YouTube platform. That experience opened my eyes to the impending need for businesses to have the right strategy and content to market their products and services directly to their prospects online.

  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Duke: To see the look on our client’s face when they see the finished video we produce.

Neace: I’m a serial entrepreneur and small business owner. The most rewarding thing I can do every day is help another business owner achieve their vision of success through what we do at SLM.

  • What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?

Duke: The biggest challenge is getting our story told to the professional who makes the decision on a business’ digital marketing strategy. We have not found a way to overcome that . . . looking to recruit a sales influencer who would fit on our team.

Neace: Many entrepreneurs and independent business owners face the challenge of wearing too many hats, but feeling insecure about bringing in partners to share the load. One of the best business decisions I have made was asking for help and bringing on partners that share the same vision.

  • What business tips would you like to share with others?

Duke: Always get help with your marketing. A business has too much invested to let poor managed digital marketing bring it down.

Neace: Be authentic and sincerely care about bringing value to each relationship. Communicate your “Why”.

  • What has been your favorite part about working at Venture X?

Duke: I enjoy helping Venture X develop its digital footprint.

Neace: We just became Venture X members, but are already expanding our network with great connections and finding out we can add value to the community.

A Personal Look at Scot Duke and Mark Neace

While getting to know Duke and Neace, we asked who or what had been their greatest inspiration and were surprised and impressed to hear Duke say Google . . . “Google contacted me to ask if I would be interested in partnering with them to launch Google+ and YouTube. I was impressed that the local staff had been following my blog for 6 years. It inspired me knowing that someone noticed what I do and LIKED it. I must be doing something right.” Neace said, “My parents have been my greatest inspiration. Sounds cliché, but they exemplified the character traits of integrity, hard work, caring for others and entrepreneurship.”

In their spare time, both Duke and Neace enjoy playing golf. Duke says he likes to travel to other states to play golf. We know golf requires incredible strategizing and concentration so we weren’t very surprised to hear that’s their sport. Interestingly, though, Duke also enjoys playing blues guitar. Maybe we convince him to play something during our next social event at Venture X Dallas North – Alpha Road. Neace makes it a point to go camping at least once a month with his son’s Scout troop and also spends time volunteering with his Rotary club and their Scout district and council. He also used his love of golf to work as a professional caddie with well-known golfers and celebrities during, Futures and LPGA tours, and many Pro-Am events.

Are you full of ideas and looking for a convenient and fun place to spend your working hours each week? At Venture X, you’ll be able to network and share ideas with creative people like Scot Duke and Mark Neace on a daily basis. Venture X has new locations opening each month. We would love nothing more than to watch your business or startup take off within our office spaces. You’ll love working at Venture X with our affordable and flexible membership plans.

Contact Venture X today and schedule a tour!