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Help Your Business Grow with Coworking Spaces

How Coworking Spaces Help You Grow Your Business

In the US alone, coworking spaces jumped from a grand total of one in 2005 to 781 in 2017, with no signs of slowing down, according to Inc.com. Originally geared towards startups and entrepreneurs as a solution to working from home or brainstorming at a coffee shop, coworking spaces are now changing the face of the traditional office. Even corporations are getting in the game, using coworking spaces as convenient, cost-effective satellite offices. Besides the built-in social networking, community spirit, and collaborative nature coworking spaces offer, the new normal in office environments can actually help you grow your business.

Coworking vibe motivates like-minded professionals

While you might think the energy level, the social element and just working around a lot of other people may be distracting for individuals, as well as businesses using coworking spaces as branch offices, the truth is, studies have shown that the open coworking space vibe increases members’ productivity and success.

A February 2017 Business.com article reported that research by DeskMag and Deskwanted revealed that:

  • 74% of coworkers are more productive
  • 86% have a larger business network
  • 93% have a bigger social network
  • Over two-thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects
  • A third reported an increase in income

Also, a Harvard Business Review study showed that people who were members of coworking spaces reported levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale. That’s at least one point above folks working in traditional spaces. “Unheard of,” said Harvard Business Review, as they double-checked their data just to be sure. Along with working in motivating, inspirational spaces, businesses, and individuals like the idea of saving money and avoiding the pitfalls of setting up and maintaining an office space.

Getting right down to business without overhead expenses

When you’re just starting to grow into your success, fledgling businesses often take a hit to their productivity and overheads by setting up an office. Skipping the stress that goes along with long-term leases, outfitting a space and setting up technology keeps your business on track. Coworking space members enjoy all of the appointments of an upscale office space, with laser fast Wi-Fi, plus all of the services and amenities you need to keep on, keeping on, towards more success at a fraction of what it costs to maintain a traditional office space. According to a MakeOffice.com article, “coworking spaces have been proven to reduce expenditures of small companies by as much as 75 percent.”

Coworking spaces equal flexibility

Another coworking space perk that helps companies grow revolves around the fact that whatever space needs your company encounters during different growth phases, coworking spaces deliver. You might need to rent a large space to brainstorm ideas with remote team members once a month, or you may want a private office for yourself and semi-private spaces for other team members.  Short term rentals are available whether you need to rent a conference room for a product launch or for training sessions on a new system. Coworking spaces redefine flexibility.

Most coworking spaces feature boutique hotel lobby-like community areas, with sofas and chairs that make an ideal place to meet with new clients or just to take a break from it all. Flexibility means that you aren’t stuck in a space that doesn’t fit the needs of your company as it grows. Speaking of stuck, the intrinsic, collaborative spirit of coworking spaces can help you hurdle business obstacles, as well.

Consulting, conversing and collaboration

The diverse community of coworking spaces lends itself to helping other members out. You may find answers to your specific hurdle by consulting with a business owner who’s been down the same road already. When creative ideas start bouncing around from one coworking member to another, the synergy can create new ideas, new business relationships, and new businesses. Not a bad perk.

Also, a number of freelancers working at coworking spaces can provide the support your business needs in the way of websites, marketing, photography, and other components of your business that may not be your specialty. Saving time choosing a web designer or an IT guy to set up your e-commerce site saves money and allows you to do what you do best, keep growing your business . . . even when you’re not feeling so productive.

Coworking energy is contagious

Working from home can present a plethora of distractions that can easily take a big chunk out of your work schedule and result in frustration with further distractions and down the rabbit hole your day goes. Coworkers often surprise themselves when they show up for work, not really feeling it that day and can’t help but get into their business goals because others around them are so jazzed about what they’re doing that it just rubs off on them. Then, maybe there’s a community event that day that addresses something you’re trying to figure out and . . . there it is, problem solved. Or maybe you attend a community event that day where you meet someone with an idea that grows into a new business opportunity. You gotta be in it, to win it.

Hone your skill sets

Because coworking lets you network at the business level in a professional environment, you are ideally positioned to learn how to expand your business skills and learn new skills you may not have deemed necessary before. Your whole day could turn into a series of learning opportunities that inspire you to break through the barriers that affect your progress moving forward.

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Why Major Companies are Moving to Coworking Spaces

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Initially, coworking spaces offered a professional, flexible work atmosphere for young creatives, startups, and freelancers who were looking to bridge the gap between working from home and investing in an office space. With so many of today’s business leaders starting up their careers in coworking spaces in the mid-2000s, the idea of using coworking spaces for a large company’s temporary or remote office space needs is more appealing than spending a bunch of hours and money flying employees to their corporate headquarters to attend meetings in person when using today’s technology allows for other, less expensive options.

Moving directly into coworking spaces, attractive for the convenience and amenities

Coworking spaces made a lot of sense with immediate access to upscale workspaces without going through the process of setting up shop on your own. Sidestepping the expense and time required to lease an office space, never mind purchasing office supplies, office equipment, office furniture and who knows what else in order to just get up and running, coworking spaces offered all of the amenities of a well-appointed office space without taking your focus away from developing your business. Also, for startups with uncertain futures, coworking spaces offer a professional environment that scales to your office space needs as your company evolves.

Some of the largest tech companies began in coworking spaces

While some of the largest tech companies today got their start in coworking spaces – Spotify, Instagram, Uber, Wanderfly, Charity:Water and IndieGoGo, among others –  coworking spaces haven’t really been able to shake their association with young entrepreneurs and tech startups . . . or have they?

Corporations now account for 40% of coworking space membership

It seems large businesses are finding coworking spaces preferable to establishing their own physical presences in some places. Even though we all know that large corporations possess the resources to expand into their own new spaces, coworking spaces offer instant connectivity, polished surroundings, amenities and so much more.

Perhaps, as businesses grow more mobile and global, the impact of a physical footprint on communities doesn’t mean as much as it did in the past. However, it’s not just the convenience of monthly leases or the free coffee and water that are drawing large businesses to coworking spaces, it’s . . . well, it’s everything.

Instant temporary digs

Coworking spaces come in handy for major companies as they work out the particulars of an expansion into a new geographic area. Bringing staff together or interviewing for positions at a new location can be easily accommodated at coworking spaces. With flexible contracts, coworking spaces offer semi-private offices for recruiting as well as boardrooms for brainstorming. Semi-private office spaces are ideal when teams need to convene and tech-savvy virtual office spaces work for conference calls and Skype meetings with corporate.

A community atmosphere

Many coworking space studies, like these in business.com or Harvard Business Review, have shown an uptick in productivity among professionals working in coworking spaces. Not unlike going to the gym on a regular basis, when you work out around other people, some people find motivation and focus, while others naturally switch into competitive mode, working harder than they would on their own. Just a little bit of healthy competition can keep eager business professionals working steadily towards the same goals of success. Survey subjects said coworking spaces not only helped with productivity but with confidence, self-esteem, and motivation.

Major companies can save some money that they can invest elsewhere

Why not save some money when venturing into new territories? Corporations can cut outfitting costs and the overhead required to acquire and maintain an office by setting up shop at coworking spaces in different locations. Major companies also save time by instantly getting their coworking spaces up and running. With monthly leases tied into one payment, corporations save time and money on accounting services as well as other ongoing expenses corporations incur in the day-to-day of office management. And, there’s more.

Coworking vibe can’t be found in most corporate office spaces

While your company may have the hippest vibe in town, dedicated office spaces can’t really generate the same electric atmosphere that’s palpable in most coworking spaces. A sense of creative innovation and the capacity to change the world underlies the excitement of turning professional passions into lucrative realities. The creative process hums like a pulse in coworking spaces, igniting ideas and fostering collaboration. New ideas evolve into new projects.

Connecting with the larger community

Networking and collaboration are built into the very definition of coworking spaces; they offer ties to a larger community than traditional office environments. Not just a number, a common downside of the traditional corporate structure, coworking members get to know other members and discover resources they can bring to their specific corporate cultures. Social activities and networking events lend themselves to finding new talent for large companies as corporations take advantage of recruiting the talent they need from coworking members they already know they’d like to hire.

At Venture X Naples, we welcome major companies as part of our diverse, growing membership. In the up-and-coming North Naples area, the Mercato plaza is home to many popular dining, shopping and entertainment venues that offer many options for Venture X Naples members to impress clients, celebrate team successes or to just take a break from their business days.

Contact us to schedule a visit or reserve a workspace. Large companies, small companies, startups, and others can all find the right working space for their business needs at Venture X Naples. Join us and experience the excitement of interacting with other business professionals, as well as exploring the many options for grabbing a bite or taking a well-deserved break such as heading to the beach that’s just a five-minute bike ride away!

Tech Companies: Collaboration and Innovation in Coworking Spaces

Collaboration and Innovation in Coworking Spaces
As technology continues to change the way we navigate our lives, our world keeps expanding, while the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices allow increasing flexibility and creativity in the ways we work and play. As those much sought after online commuting and remote working environments have taken their places in the business-as-usual line up, a hybrid of sorts seems to be gaining in popularity as the traditional office is supplemented by shared coworking concepts.

For small businesses and startups, coworking spaces meet many needs in the way of a professional environment that fosters collaboration and networking, without office space rentals to wrestle with.  Today, even large companies are boldly going where corporations with large real estate presences didn’t dare to go, just a few years ago.  The sector unintentionally driving the current coworking trend is coming from those work-from-home lone rangers of the tech company variety. We know, ironic. While it’s true the very nature of tech companies suggests that all one needs is a computing device, an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative technical mind, tech start-ups make up 27% of coworking space memberships at Venture X in Naples’ Mercato neighborhood.

Collaboration inspires innovation

For tech startups, going out on a limb with a new idea or a revolutionary concept, collaborative, open environments can stimulate the imagination. Sometimes more than one point of view can make that one thing click that you just couldn’t see on your own. Coworking spaces tend to be places where knowledge sharing and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals ignites a synergy that bolsters creativity. Tech types who reported experiencing this creative energy vortex said their work performance improved in shared coworking environments. In John Duckworth’s 2016 ITportal.com article, Co-working: The future for tech companies?,” the author cited a 2012 Global Coworking Survey, where tech coworkers said, “their creativity had increased since moving into a coworking space, and 62% said their standard of work had improved.”

Venture X Naples offers so much more than just a shared work space

Tech companies and individuals can find even more inspiration in our Naples’ facility. Not your down and dirty start-up in a garage affair, Venture X is located in one of the most desirable areas of Naples, in the midst of a plethora of dining, cultural and entertainment venues. When it’s time to take a break, you can grab a bite and entertain clients or join other team members for a working dinner, just steps away. Back at the ranch, Venture X’s high tech facilities offer more than just an affordable place to work.

  • Our facilities, a well-designed mix of modern office space meets boutique hotel, feature an industrial loft design with floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed ceilings.

  • Warp speed fiber optic Internet makes working on mobile and lap-top devices move at the same pace as your ideas.

  • Fully equipped and nicely appointed meeting rooms are outfitted with the latest in conference and presentation technology so when it’s time to present your ideas to the money people, you are ready.

  • Free coffee, filtered water and a weekly catered breakfast fuel brainstorming sessions and save time running out for food and drinks.

  • A centralized café and lounge area, with a large kitchen promotes collaboration and serves as a community area for Venture X’s diverse professional community. Tech start-ups can interact with professionals from other tech start-ups, marketing professionals, attorneys, architects and other folks. You can share ideas with other professionals you may need to grow your business or compare notes with other companies.

  • Our large lounge area can accommodate up to 75 guests for special events, with ample free parking for your guests in an adjoining four story garage.

  • We offer concierge-level member services and access to our online, as well as, in person member network to keep you connected, collaborating, inspired and developing relationships that can grow your business.

  • Secure 24/7 access to your work space and common areas for early morning or late-night sessions.

Coworking plans at Venture X Naples are flexible

For individuals and small companies, Venture X Naples’ beautiful coworking office space plans are designed to save you money, while providing workspace solutions that fit your business needs. We offer flexible month-to-month agreements, with no long term leases or contracts required.

  • The Community plan, ideal for tech businesses that do not need office space every day includes a one day access to common areas per month, with added day passes for $25 per day available and meeting room access for $35 per hour. Great for touching base with your team and accessing the membership community, as well.

  • The Dedicated Desk plan is perfect for tech teams that want additional privacy and the same desk every day. Along with a dedicated desk, this plan includes a filing cabinet, ergonomic chairs, a mailing address, 24/7 access and three conference room hours per month.

  • The Shared Desk plan, a flexible full-time solution for free-spirits, allows you access to any open seat in our common area, plus a mailing address and two conference room hours per month.

  • Tech companies and individuals can also choose a Private Office plan or our Virtual Office plan among other options.

As coworking trends sail into the future of fluid office spaces, tech startups, established tech businesses and corporate tech teams are leading the way in collaborative, inspiring, knowledge-sharing community-based environments. Catch the coworking wave at Venture X Naples! Oh, in case it helps, we’re a five-minute bike ride to Naples’ beautiful, white, sandy beaches!