At Venture X we didn’t reinvent the way people work. But we are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day.

Our Mission

Why we do what we do

It’s our mission to help people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling and rich life in doing what they love

What we do

We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work to every day


To provide a Venture X in every major city globally where members can connect, be inspired, improve their business/careers and experience fulfilling rich lives

Our Story

Venture X’s first location opened in 2012 in Naples Florida founded by father and son CEO David Diamond and COO Brett Diamond.

Brett and David Diamond Founders Brett (left) and David Diamond (right).

David is a serial entrepreneur best known for cofounding DeAngelis Diamond Construction—one of the nation’s largest commercial construction firms, a developer of commercial properties and an angel investor of Silicon Valley and NYC tech startups. David witnessed how coworking spaces increased the success of those startups with its lean costs, collaborative community and social environment. Inspired by that early, tech-driven coworking concept, Brett and David dove into this new coworking industry, taking day passes at some of the early coworking spaces. Brett, who had already co-founded 2 startups while attending university, took his college senior year summer off to work in one of the first co-working spaces that opened in NYC.

They set out to test their theory that coworking would be desirable beyond startups and tech companies and offer that experience to a broad membership base of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small, as well as large, businesses. David and Brett have been passionate about helping people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling rich life doing what they love. Creating a place and environment that people love to come to work to every day was a great way to further that passion.

Our Future

The Venture X concept in Naples Florida proved successful and Brett and David were ready to expand the concept to other entrepreneurs and major cities across the nation. In 2016 they partnered with Ray Titus and his United Franchise Group, a company that is responsible for some of the franchise industry’s top-ranked, award-winning brands.

Building from the success of the Naples location, Venture X’s continued expansion extends the Venture X community, broadening the opportunity for members to work in multiple cities and make valuable connections with a global community of members in which to collaborate, share resources, discover potential clients and develop meaningful relationships.

Our Values

Venture X and our community of members all share a desire to do the right thing for our businesses and communities—whether that’s through ethical business practices, socially and environmentally sustainable strategies or giving back. Venture X believes that we all deserve to work in an environment that promotes health, well-being and a high quality of life.


We desire to be found as being honest, trustworthy, of good character, and doing what is right in all situations with all people all the time. We do what we say we will do and take responsibility for our actions.


We believe we earn trust and succeed best when we are transparent, real, genuine, and honest with no hype. We dream big so hold us accountable. And we also want you to feel comfortable to be yourself.

Kindness & Respect

Everyone is equal and everyone is valuable. We treat others the way we want to be treated, with kindness and respect.

Paying Forward

We are in this together and we give to those in need with love and compassion.


We humans are social beings and we can achieve more together than alone. We therefore strive to build authentic, inspiring, connected communities. Our workspaces are part of the local community and caring about our neighborhoods is important to us.


This is a majestic and beautiful planet that we all share as our home and we want to keep it that way. We recycle, use reclaimed materials and incorporate sustainability into our design.

Social Impact

We believe we can make the world a better place. We strive to have a positive impact and influence on everyone we meet along our way and to reach even further by making a positive difference in our community and world.


We believe that innovation, creativity and fulfilled lives are powerfully enhanced by diversity.


Simply because everyone is equal so everyone is welcome.


We work hard and after we do we celebrate and have fun together.