Venture X is the office place in Naples if you want to expand your business and your network. Our business benefited tremendously by having an office here."

Sasha Bogojevic

Founder & Publisher at Naples Herald

Venture X has changed my Life. I have traveled the world and worked with a lot of people. The Venture X team helped me access their resources. I set up 6 great new contacts because of the great ladies. There is nothing like Venture X out there. Use their resources. They can change your Life as well."

Scott Giles

Synergy Power

Venture X has given me the opportunity to have an energizing work environment among a great community of professionals. The membership fees are affordable, staff members are super helpful, and the networking events are well attended. I highly prefer to work in this environment than at home alone. Thank you, Venture X, for helping my business succeed!"

Jeremy Eisenga

Owner at Dynamic Internet Solutions

Not many people can say they work in a robust social network of like-minded professionals, but at Venture X I'm surrounded by some of the most brilliant and innovative people in SWFL! It's a community with a positive energy and the resources provided here are an invaluable asset to any startup-brainchild or growing business."

Bri Walling

Operations Manager at Naples Herald

There is a creative, entrepreneurial atmosphere that is exciting to be a part of. All the tools to run your business are provided and the location is easily accessible with a variety of meeting area options. The conference rooms are perfect for our board meetings and fully networked. The best part is being surrounded by creative and inspiring people"

Deborah Johnson

Investor Engagement & Entrepreneurial Recruitment at The Arcview Group

Venture X is brilliant. Like all good things it's about the people: the Venture X founders and the managers from day 1 have been exceptional creating and running a place where my small business can thrive. I ran my business from Connecticut for 38 years and when I decided to take an office with Venture X I was running it seamlessly in SW Florida. I mean immediately. Every client or associate or contact or friend I have met at Venture X has been blown away. Stop by and see if there's a match for your business needs. Venture X helps with my business, yes, but the people there are my Florida friends."

Tom Strumolo

Founder & Owner at Energy General

I love working at Venture X, whenever I can. There's something to be said for a sense of community and cooperation among fellow entrepreneurs that makes the environment more than just "space." It's almost like an ethereal sense of optimism that permeates the atmosphere. If you are ever in Naples, give it a try."

Jason Hartgrave

Owner at Internet Economy Solutions